WhatsApp is now free and remains ads free

Good news to all WhatsApp users. The company will no longer charge $1 annual subscription fees. Yes, WhatsApp is now completely free.
Most of the early users of WhatsApp either got it for free or paid one time $0.99 to get free lifetime service. It was only recent years that the company introduce $1 annual subscription to new users after using the app free for 1 year. However, WhatsApp recognise that not everyone have a debit or credit card number and some users might be afraid that they might lose access to their friends and family after 1 year.
The removal of the $1 annual subscription fee is great news to all WhatsApp users.
And don’t worry. The company promises to remain ads free. Instead, it will find new ways to connect users with businesses and organisation and make money from such arrangement. Maybe in the future you can use WhatsApp to order a pizza, do online banking or book a taxi.

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