Do not set your iPhone or iPad date to 1st January 1970

There is a prank going around on the internet now asking people to change their iPhone or iPad date to 1st January 1970. DO NOT do that. I repeat, do not change your iPhone or iPad date to 1st Jan 1970.
Your iPhone or iPad will be completely bricked if you change the date back to 1st January 1970. This is a Unix glitch that affects 64-bit iOS devices (Devices newer than iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini 2). The date 1/1/70 has an internal value of zero on a Unix system and somehow the system does not know how to handle it. This causes the device to be completely bricked.
Some people are saying that this will completely wipe out all your data. To unbrick your device, you’ll need to drain the battery completely flat. Not sure how true is it. Hope you don’t need to find out.
And in case you are wondering what happens when you set the date to 1st Jan 1970, someone already did it on YouTube so that you don’t need to.

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