Rolling BB-8 on LEGO Ideas

We’ve seen many different version of BB-8 made using LEGO. But this one is different. It can actually roll on a single axis while keeping BB-8’s head on top. Check out the YouTube video.

Pretty amazing. In the BB-8, there are LEGO weights suspended from the central axle that bolster up 2 LEGO magnets. These magnets are held close to the top of the ball and attract the 2 magnet inside BB-8’s head. That’s how it managed to keep the BB-8’s head on top while rolling. Great design!
It also comes with a desert base station that uses a turn crank to demonstrate BB-8’s rolling ability.
The rolling BB-8 is now on LEGO Ideas. Go support this amazing LEGO Ideas and help make it a real LEGO set.

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