SMRT is now using WhatsApp to receive feedback on defects or faults on SMRT train and station.
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SMRT SNAP-REP (Short for Snap and Report) is a quick way for communters to alert SMRT to any technical defect within the SMRT network. Simply send the info via WhatsApp to +65 9788 4398. Cool initiative. Now you can report issues like faulty aircon easily.
PS: OK, I know I’m a bit slow. This has been round since September last year. How did I missed it?

Finally, a feature that many Instagram users were begging for. Instagram now allows you to manage multiple accounts from the Instagram app. This new feature is great for those who have multiple Instagram accounts and social media manager who manages their company’s Instagram account.
To do this, simply go to Options, Add Account and login to the other account.
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Once you logged in to the other account, you will have the option to switch between accounts by tapping on your Instagram handle at the top and select the account that you want to use.
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Most Instagram users should be getting the multiple accounts feature now. Make sure you are using Instagram version 7.15 and above. Have fun. Just remember to be careful and don’t post on the wrong account.

Good news if you are a software engineer. Google is on a hiring spree in Singapore for its Singapore engineering hub.
The planned Singapore engineering hub will be the latest hub after Hyderabad, Sydney and Mountain View. The aim of the Singapore engineering hub is to support the company’s goal of reaching the next billion Internet users.
The Singapore engineering hub will initially focus on software development on the Google Android OS. They will also work on next gen technologies such as mobile data management, local communities, payment and commerce. These product and services are intended for emerging markets like India, Indonesia, Philippines and Brazil.
So check out the Google Singapore career page if you are interested.