DJI Phantom 4

It is no surprise when DJI introduced the Phantom 4. The huge Phantom 3 price drop in January sort of hinted everyone that a new quadcopter is coming.
The DJI Phantom 4 is a great upgrade to Phantom 3. For a start, the Phantom 4 comes with Obstacle Sensing System that features two forward facing optical sensors that scan for obstacles and automatically direct the quadcopter to avoid collision. If the system determines that it cannot go around the obstacle, it will slow to a stop and hover until the user redirects it. Obstacle avoidance also help reduce the risk of collision when the user triggers the “Return to Home” function.
There is also a TapFly function that allows the user to double tap a destination in the DJI Go app and the Phantom 4 will calculates an optimal flight route to reach the destination while avoiding obstructions in its path.
But perhaps the best feature on the Phantom 4 is the ActiveTrack. With ActiveTrack, user can use the DJI Go app to command the quadcopter to follow and keep the camera centered on a subject as it moves. This allows perfectly framed shots of a moving person with just a tap of a button. Users have full control over camera movement while in ActiveTrack mode and can even move the camera around the object while it is in motion as the Phantom 4 keeps the subject framed in the center of the shot autonomously.
In addition to intelligence and ease-of-use, the Phantom 4 also comes with a “Sport Mode” for advance flyers who wants a taste of what drone racing feels like. The DJI Phantom 4 can fly up to 72 km/h and ascends and descends more rapidly than in other modes. This means that the quadcopter can reach location for shots faster and capture shots you couldn’t get before.
Unlike Phantom 3, the Phantom 4 will only come in 1 version. The high performance camera is able to shoot up to 4K video at 30 fps and 1080p video at 120fps for slow motion. The newly designed lens provide better corner sharpness and reduced chromatic aberration. The camera is attached on an advance 3-axis gimbal that remove unwanted vibration and movement in-flight, enabling the camera to capture smooth and fluid footage
The Phantom 4 also has DJI’s signature Lightbridge video transmission system onboard, allowing users to see what their camera sees in HD and in real-time on their smart devices at a distance up to five kilometers.
The DJI Phantom 4 retail at US$1399 and will be available from 15 March onwards.

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