New Outward Bound Singapore campus to be built on Coney Island

Outward Bound Singapore is expanding its campus to Coney Island. Coney Island is just a small strait away from the Outward Bound Singapore campus in Pulau Ubin, making it the ideal place for OBS expansion.
OBS @ Coney 1
The new OBS campus at Coney Isand (OBS @ Coney) will enable OBS to expand its capacity and provide all young Singaporeans with the opportunity to attend OBS during their upper secondary years.
OBS @ Coney 2
About 14,000 students go through OBS each year. OBS @ Coney will expand the capacity to provide outdoor adventure training opportunities for up to 45,000 youths every year. With good connectivity to both Pulau Ubin and mainland, the expanded OBS will be able to efficiently and effectively conduct more quality programmes and expeditions around Singapore, utilising our blue and green spaces.
OBS Additional Visuals 1
The OBS @ Coney campus will be rustic and blend in as much as possible with the surroundings. It will occupy 12-ha or about 10% of Coney Island. The rest of Coney Island remains open for the public.
OBS @ Coney will cost about $250 million and be ready in 2020.
coney campus -final-01

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