Wow. I’ve been blogging on this domain for 10 years already! Happy Birthday DKSG!

So much has changed for the past 10 years. Not sure if I’ll still be blogging 10 years later. I know I’ve been blogging a lot lesser nowadays. Been wanting to get the momentum back but been busy with work and life. Let’s hope I can find some time soon and keep blogging.
By the way, found this beautiful photo on Pixabay. They have over 1.3 million free images and videos. Check it out.

Someone did a test on the IKEA LADDA 2450mAh rechargeable batteries and found that it has similar characteristic as the Eneloop Pro rechargeable batteries. And the amazing thing is that the IKEA LADDA cost $5 while the Eneloop Pro cost $15 in the US.

On top of that, someone found that the IKEA LADDA batteries has slightly faster recycle speed. Since the rechargeable batteries for my Speedlite is getting a bit old and I have nothing to do on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, I decided to visit IKEA.

Unfortunately for Singaporeans, we won’t be getting much savings. The LADDA 2450 batteries cost S$15.90 per pack. (HEY IKEA Singapore, what currency conversion rate are you using?) The Eneloop Pro usually cost around S$23 – S$25 and you can even get it at around S$20 or less at some online stores. But a few dollars savings is better than nothing. So get your rechargeable batteries during your next visit to IKEA.

Just returned from a 10 days Taiwan vacation recently. Never expect Taiwan to be such a beautiful place. There’s many things to offer in Taiwan. From the beautiful Qingshui Cliff to the busy Taipei city streets.

10 days is not enough to cover the entire Taiwan. There are so many things to do and places to visit. Could easily spend another 5 to 10 days there.
Ever since coming back, I got quite a number of friends asking me about my itinerary. So I’ve decided to share it here.
10 days Taiwan itinerary.
Day 1: Taichung: Gaomei Wetland and Feng Jia Night Market
Day 2: Taichung: Lavender cottage and Sun Moon Lake
Day 3: Taipei: Sato Castle
Day 4: Hualien: Leader Village Taroko Hotel
Day 5: Hualien: Taroko Gorge, Qingshui Cliff and Qixintan
Day 6: Taipei shopping
Day 7: Taipei: Tamsui, Beitou Hot Spring and Shilin Night Market
Day 8: Taipei: Maokong and Taipei 101
Day 9: Taipei: Shifen Waterfall and Shifen Old Street
Day 10: Taipei Ximending
PS: I’ll write more in details about each day shortly. If you see a hyperlink above, that means I’ve posted the entry. Else, that means I’m still procrastinating.

It is not the best itinerary around. There’s quite a number of popular places that we did not visit. We could squeeze more places into the itinerary but we decided to take it slow and easy. That’s what a vacation should be right?