Parallels Desktop 14

Parallels just launched the Parallels Desktop 14, the latest version of the desktop virtualisation software that brings users the best of both Windows and Mac worlds.
Parallels Desktop 14 brings significant storage savings, faster launch times, improved graphics and the latest versions of Parallels® Toolbox for Windows or Mac. Through Parallels Desktop 14, customers now have access to more Windows features on Mac than ever before.

Parallels Desktop 14 also improves performance with up to 200% performance improvement on the iMac Pro (audio and video encoding, AI, 3D modelling, cryptography and other complex math calculations workloads) thanks to AVX512 Intel Cannon Lake processor instructions set support. Parallels Desktop 14 also features improved OpenGL support for enhanced graphics, with notable improvements in SketchUp 2017/2018, CTVox, DIALux 8 and OriginLab.

Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac retails at US$79.90 for an annual subscription or US$99.99 for a perpetual license. Parallels Desktop 12 and 13 perpetual license customers can upgrade to Parallels Desktop 14 for US$49.99, or upgrade to a Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition subscription for US$49.99 per year.

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