Spatulah – Extract comments from Instagram post instantly.

If your work involve managing your company’s Instagram account, then Spatulah is going to be useful for you. Created by local Social Media Agency, GoodStuph, this tool will help you extract comments from an Instagram Post into an excel spreadsheet.

This is great if you are running a contest on Instagram and need to extract all the entries in the comment section. All you need to do is supply the URL link to the Instagram post.

I guess the folks at GoodStuph must be tired of manually extracting Instagram comments for their clients. (I swear I didn’t make them do such mundane stuff when they were my agency) This tool is great for all social media managers.
Instagram can be painful to use for companies. There’s not much open API available. Most social media management platform aren’t able to support Instagram fully. As far as I know, there is no 3rd party tool that can pull out all the comments from an Instagram account and reply directly. You can’t even schedule an Instagram post currently.
Please lah Facebook/Instagram, do something about your API.
Well, at least Spatulah help make it less painful when managing an Instagram account.

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