Migrating to new web host

I don’t remember what happened almost 10 years ago when I moved my web hosting from Dreamhost to HostGator. I know it wasn’t a smooth process but I don’t remember it to be this tedious. Maybe also because back then I was just migrating a few years worth of data. This time round, I’m migrating more than 10 years worth of data.

I tried using the default WordPress export feature. But it seems like it wasn’t able to take the load. The process keeps on time out. Since the export feature is able to pick up from where it stopped if I restart the process, I simply didn’t search for an alternative and keep restarting the process whenever it time out. BAD IDEA. I must have restarted the process more than 20 times.

Long story short, never ever do that. In the end, some data were not copied over.

I tried copying the entire database server and file folder from my old web host and copy them over manually. That that created some issues too. For some weird reasons, I can’t upload any files to WordPress after I copied the old database over.

So finally, I decided to use the default export feature to just copy the database entires. Then I manually FTP the files over to my new web host. Tada. Finally done. Sort of.

I’m still fine tuning the site. Trying to find a new WordPress theme. It’s been a long time since I changed my WordPress theme. My old theme doesn’t load well on some mobile devices. So I need to find a new theme that is mobile responsive. In the mean time, I’ll use this basic theme first.

OK, next step is to cancel my old web host. Goodbye HostGator. Hello Vodien.

PS: Note to self, you’ll need this link next time when you migrate to a new host.

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