Donations for 3D Printed Face Shields

We all heard about the shortage of medical supplies due to the Covid 19 crisis. Some hospitals are running out of personal protective equipment (PPE) for their healthcare workers. We need to do something to protect the healthcare workers so that they can continue doing their jobs without fears of getting infections.

One of the many solutions is using 3D printers to produce parts and equipment needed to fight the Covid 19. 3D printers can be used to make face shields. There’s also stories about people using 3D printers to make replacement parts for ventilator.

Here in Singapore, a 3D printing company is seeking donations to print face shields for healthcare workers. Siege Advanced Manufacturing has more than 50 3D printers and can manufacture hundreds of face shields per day. They will be donating the face shields to hospitals in Johor Bahru.

Check out the GoGetFunding page and help spread the words. The donation goes into obtaining the clear plastic, elastic band, and running cost of manufacturing the face shields. They need SGD$13,000 to make 2000 face shields.

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