Keep away from the crowd during the Covid 19 Circuit Breaker

Most of you know by now that Singapore will be implementing a 4 weeks Circuit Breaker from 7 April to 4 May 2020 to stop the spread of Covid 19. Dring this Circuit Breaker, everyone is advised to stay at home. Essential services such as supermarket, food and medical service will remain open during this period. For the full list of essential service that can remain open during this period, visit

If you really need to go to the malls to get essential goods and services., check out the SpaceOut website to see if the mall is crowded before going. Do keep a safe distance from others and maintain your personal hygiene. Please remember to wear a mask. The Singapore Government is giving every resident a reusable mask. Go to to find out where you can collect your mask.

If you need to go to the parks to exercise, check out the Safe Distance @ Parks website before going. Remember, keep a safe distance while exercising. In fact, if possible, try to exercise at home. Only go out when absolutely necessary.

It is going to be a tough period. But let’s make this 28 days worth it. We will get through this. #SGUnited

“It will be a long fight. But if any country can see this through, it is Singapore. We have the resources. We have the determination. We are united. By helping one another through this, we will prevail, and emerge stronger.”

– Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

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