This year’s National Day is going to be different due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We won’t be having the usual National Day Parade at Padang or The Floating Platform for the nation’s 55th birthday. There will be a parade and ceremony in the morning at the Padang follow by an evening show at the Star Performing Arts Centre.

But one thing that is still around is the NDP Fun Pack. The fun pack will be given to every household in Singapore. Initially, there was a huge outcry about the NDP Fun Pack. There was even a online petition to opt out of receiving the pack. I can understand why because there’s no point in having a NDP Fun Pack when you are not at the parade itself.

But I think the complaints died down after everyone sees the contents of the Fun Pack. This year’s NDP Fun Pack is a reusable grocery bag that is foldable into a small pouch. There are 20 beautiful designs done by artist with disabilities in partnership with SG Enable and Primary 5 students. There are 12 items in the fun pack including hand sanitisers, thermometer, reusable face masks and surgical masks.

NDP Fun Pack 2020 is no fun at all. They are all essentials. And it is the best Fun Pack ever.

If you haven’t collected your NDP Fun Pack, you can do so at all Community Clubs from now till 2 August 2020 (excluding Public Holiday). Visit this website to find your nearest collection centre. There is also an e-discount booklet online for great deals and offers by local businesses.

And by the way, Yeo’s has prepared some “big surprise” for those people who received the special edition Chrysanthemum Tea in their Fun Pack. More details will be unveiled on National Day itself. (I’m feeling a bit left out cause mine is the ordinary can)