What kind of guy would ask a gal to go steady with him when he is going oversea for studies in a few weeks time?

In my own words, I call him selfish person. Selfish person who thinks only about himself. How is he able to provide and give her the love, tender and care she need when he is in many miles away? How is he able to protect her, company her, take care of her?

Selfish person. Does he love her or just simply wanna possess her? Lock her up and make her wait for him come back from oversea. What kind of guy would do that to a gal he truely love? Only a selfish guy would do that. Damn bloody selfish. Did he spare a thought for her?

They say that love is letting go. I hope he truely understand the meaning of this.
If he really love her, let her go. if they are meant to be, they will be together when they return. If they are not meant to be, no matter what, they will still never be together. Why chain someone up for the sake of owning her?

Does he really love her? Or just wanna possess her?

DK ah DK….. why u got so worked out over this? mind your own business lah.

I seldom watch TV. But recently, there is 1 TV series that keep me glued. LOST. You know, that show about plane crash and the survivors landed on a strange island.

But something kept me thinking. AXN is currently showing episode 15 everywhere EXCEPT Singapore. Why is that so? Why didn’t they show LOST in Singapore? Why am I watching 24 Season 2 when the rest of Asia is watching LOST episode 15? What the heck. You mean mediacorps barred AXN from showing LOST? or AXN feels that Singaporeans are not matured enough to watch LOST?

I don’t get it. I paid monthly subscription on SCV for AXN. And I’m watching 24 while the rest get to watch LOST? What the heck? Does SCV/AXN has any link with mediacorps? Why aren’t they showing LOST? Scare they’ll snatch viewers?

I don’t know what the reason behind it, but I’m sure pissed….. Is this some kind of monopoly again?
Oh heck care….. I’m using limewire now…… watching episode 15, just like rest of asia. Who cares about channel 5? they are only at epsiode 5 while the rest of asia are watching episode 15. Wait, America just finish the whole season late May…… talk about being world class….

Something good about blogspot is, when you messed up 1 blog, you can always register another 1 and start all over again.

If only life also have such rollback features.