We’ve been hearing about freak election results by the PAP. I guess it is fair to say that this is really a freak election result although it is in PAP’s favour. PAP won the 2015 General Elections in a landslide of 69.86% votes.
To be fair, the sentiments on the ground seems different compared to 2011. People were less angry with PAP this time. Perhaps the SG50 celebration and passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew played a part. I was expecting the PAP to have a slight increase in their support. I was guessing somewhere along 62% – 65%. Never did I expect 69.86%.
And even more surprising is that the Workers’ Party lose Punggol East SMC and East Coast GRC. WP won Punggol East SMC in a By Election in 2012. Lee Li Lian has been doing a good job. Really didn’t expect to see them lose the SMC. And East Coast GRC was the worst performing GRC in 2011. This year, the WP field a very promising team. Not only did they not win the GRC, they only got 39.27% of the votes.
It was a disappointing results. But we have to respect the voters’ decision. Now the pressure is on PAP to keep their election promise.
We may support different political parties and have different views on how Singapore should be governed. But we must remember that the things that unite us are far greater than the things that divide us. We are still Singaporeans and we call this island our home. End of the day, we all want to make Singapore a better place for our children.
Let’s put aside our political difference and go back to making Singapore a better place.

I’ve voted.
Photo 11-9-15 4 24 53 pm
This is the 2nd time I’m voting (3rd if you count the 2011 Presidential Election).
It was a smooth process. I choose to go at around 4pm to avoid the lunch and dinner crowd. When I reached the polling station, which is just a short 3 minutes walk from my house, there was no other voters. Yeap. No queue at all.
Thank you to all those on duty today and making it possible for Singaporean to vote.
Now let’s wait for the results tonight. Hope that everyone will respect the voters’ decision.

Wednesday evening was the last day of campaigning. The Workers’ Party held their rally at Bedok Stadium, near the hotly contested Feng Shan SMC and East Coast GRC. Like all Workers’ Party rally, there were lots of people. The stadium was almost full packed.
This photo was taken at around 9pm.
And bear in mind that there were no chartered buses or free Nasi Lemak for supporters attending the rally. They came from all over Singapore to support the WP. The whole stadium is so crowded that it’s quite difficult for me to take photos. Can hardly see the candidates even with my 70-200mm on 1.6 Crop sensor.
A lot of focus were put on the East Coast GRC and Feng Shan SMC candidates. There is a high chance that they might win these seats from the PAP. I wish them all the best!
Mr Low Thia Khiang is the last speaker for the evening. I love the Workers’ Party slogan. Empower your future. That is what the election is about.
Supporters from around the island came to Bedok Stadium to support the team. They came prepared with flags, placards and even inflatable hammer.
Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men?
The rally ended with everyone reciting the Singapore pledge. The supporters keep chanting “Workers’ Party” as they slowly make their way out of the stadium. It went on non-stop for at least 20 minutes.
Today is polling day. Vote wisely everyone.

Several netizens reported that Dr Vivian Balakrishnan posted a message on his Facebook and Twitter last night after the start of Cooling Day.
Vivian Balakrishnan has issued a statement that a message posted on his Twitter Account at 1:52am last night was due to Facebook glitch. The post had been “auto-posting recurrently” according to his spokesman. And since his Facebook and Twitter accounts are linked, a Tweet was send out.
Vivian Balakrishnan’s team has contacted Facebook HQ to conduct an investigation into the source of this bug.
I’ve been a Facebook page admin for more than 5 years. I’ve never seen or heard of such glitch. I’ve also been asking all my friends who are Facebook admins. None of them heard of such glitch.
Is it a mis-configured 3rd Party Facebook scheduler causing this problem? Since this is not the first time this glitch happen, why didn’t they contact Facebook earlier to get it fixed?
And if Dr Vivian Balakrishnan can’t even manage a Facebook page properly, how does he manage a Town Council or a ministry?
I hope this doesn’t just end here. We need to know what causes this glitch. Is it caused by a Facebook bug or mis-management of Facebook page? If it is the latter, I hope Dr Vivian Balakrishnan will come clean.

Update: Facebook has confirmed that a bug in their system led to “recurrent auto-posting” on Dr Vivian Balakrishnan’s Facebook page.

Perhaps the most surprising thing this General Election is Dr Chee Soon Juan. He seems to have changed a lot. He is no longer the confrontal politician that chase someone from one wet market to another demanding for an answer. Perhaps he finally realised that Singaporeans prefer a gentler approach in getting your message across.
No matter what you think about him in the past, do take some time to listen to his rally speech.

I sincerely hope that Dr Chee has changed for the better. Singapore need more mature and responsible politician. Its a pity that he is contesting in a GRC. He is good but the rest of his team aren’t. Perhaps he would stand a higher chance if he contest in a SMC. Whatever it is, I wish Dr Chee and SDP all the best for the coming election.

I don’t know if this is stupid or desperate.
Seriously, this is the first time I see someone distributing campaign flyers in the middle of the road. Do you know how dangerous is this? And it is not just dangerous to you. It also pose danger to other road users like motorcyclist.
This is not your grandfather’s road.
The Singapore Police Force issued a statement on their Facebook page last Friday to advise all candidate not to distributing campaign flyers on roads to passing motorists.
So far, I’ve not seen Dr Maliki Osman commenting on this incident. He should had apologised for putting himself and other road users in danger. Its a shame that he didn’t admit his mistake. Makes you wonder….. is this the kind of MP you want in Parliament?