15 February is Total Defence Day. It is the day that Lieutenant-General Arthur Percival formally surrendered Singapore to Japan 72 years ago. To commemorate this day, the Singapore Armed Forces held a Weapon Presentation Ceremony at the War Memorial Park for the new recruits of 3rd Battalion, Singapore Guards.
The weapon presentation is usually held within the first few weeks of Basic Military Training, and is a symbolic first step for a recruit in becoming a soldier of the SAF. The ceremony is usually held in SAF camps or at a place of historical significance.
The War Memorial Park has been selected by the unit as the location for their Weapons Presentation Ceremony because it was constructed to remember civilians of all races who were victims of World War II. This location will remind the soldiers that what they do in training is for the ultimate purpose of defending Singapore. It will also remind them of the importance of the SAF and their role as National Servicemen.

I, hereby swear before this Flag, that I will be brave, honourable, disciplined, vigilant, and I will take good care of my rifle, at all times!

At the ceremony, the recruits reaffirm their resolve to defend Singapore with their live.

“Singaporeans must never again allow what is ours to be taken away.” – LTC Joseph Lin, CO of 3rd Guards Battalion


Stage 1 of the Downtown Line is now open. The 4.3KM section consist of 6 stations: Bugis, Promenade, Bayfront, Downtown, Telok Ayer and Chinatown.
Downtown Line Stage 2, which runs from Bukit Panjang along the Bukit Timah Road corridor, will be ready in 2016 while Stage 3 in the east will open in 2017. Once fully completed, the 42km Downtown Line will be the world’s longest driverless underground MRT line.
The entire network will be served by 88 trains. Downtown Line stage 1 currently uses 6 out of the 88 trains.

From 22 December 2013 to 1 January 2014, enjoy free travel if you enter and exit from any of the Downtown Line 1 stations.

Two days after spotting the fake Ministry of Manpower website, the Ministry issued another statement saying that there is another fake website.
The fake website is at http://www.movgov.sg. And they call themselves the Ministry of Workpermit. Haha.
The fake website is trying to imitate MOM’s employment practices page.
Interestingly, the domain name of the fake website was registered on 16 May 2013. Which means the site might have been there for couple of months.
I still don’t understand why SGNIC and IDA allowed people to register a .SG domain ending with ‘gov”. There should be additional checks before anyone can get a domain ending with “gov”.

The Ministry of Manpower just issued a statement saying that there is a website that looks exact like the official MOM website. The Ministry have lodged a case with the Police and investigations are ongoing.
This is the real Ministry of Manpower website.
This is the fake Ministry of Manpower website.
Can’t really tell the difference. Even the URL is very similar. The real MOM website URL is www.mom.gov.sg. The fake MOM website URL is www.momgov.sg. Just missing one dot.
It is not sure how long the duplicate site has been active. The momgov.sg domain was registered on 11 Nov. The person behind this website could easily use it for phishing. If you have entered your SingPass credentials on the fake website, please change your password immediately. In fact, if you have entered your SingPass credentials on Ministry of Manpower website anytime between 11 November 2013 till now, I would suggest you change your SingPass password just in case.
Why did SGNIC allow someone to register the domain momgov.sg? Isn’t there a check somewhere that prevent people from registering a .sg URL ending with “gov”? What is SGNIC and IDA doing?
Update: momgov.sg has been deleted.
Update 2: Another fake Ministry of Manpower website spotted.

An entity calling itself “Singapore Company Register” has been emailing or writing to companies requesting them to verify their company details with it. The letter or email also claims that companies which fail to do so, will have their information deleted from the ‘Singaporean Company Register database’ within a week of the date of the notice.
The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) said in a statement that it has no links whatsoever to this entity and is currently investigating this matter.
Companies are not obliged to provide details to the Singapore Company Register. Those who need to update their records with ACRA, should do so through ACRA’s online filing and information retrieval system.
I did a quick check on Singapore Company Register and it seems like they are doing a public Singapore company database. The only problem is that there is an S$490 annual fee.
So be careful when you received a letter from Singapore Company Register. They are not related to ACRA. You are not obliged to provide details to them. And there is a S$490 annual fee if you register. Be warned.

Facebook is partnering Red Cross to raise funds for the relief efforts in Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan. Facebook users will start seeing a message at the top of their news feed asking for donations.
Users can donate using PayPal, Visa or MasterCard. 100% of the funds raised through Facebook will go to the American Red Cross.