As the final post of my guest blogging in DK’s blog, I attempt to answer the question (see title). The short reply is yes but really, how much each blogger wants is relative. Although I’m not blogging full time and earning a full time income, my blogging this year has paid for my coming Japan’s trip fully. However, it takes a lot of hard work and passion to keep blogging. Here’s my story of at least earning some kopi money monthly.
I started out to blog just to get into the wave of blogging and three years ago, I set up a Xbox 360 blog just for the goal of getting a network blogging gig. After numerous emails sent to the editor, I got the job. Initially, the income was not great and I had only one blog to begin with but after several months, things got better and tens of dollars became a few hundred coins.
The picture was rosy when I had 3 blogs and each of them was doing pretty well until I found that I spent almost most of my waking time blogging and doing nothing else. This is just as bad or addictive as gambling. Some aspects of my life were neglected and I’m glad to rectify before things got worse.
The current economy spares no one, including blogging. If you think network bloggers don’t have retrenchment or pay cuts, then you are very wrong. My monthly blogging income was cut by more than 50% but I still keep blogging for the network as my passion was still there.
Blogging for yourself is better than blogging for others, most of the time. Therefore, with the experience accumulated from my network blogging, I started Beijing Olympics FAN! You can see this kind of blog as a project blog, a term I bestowed.
For this kind of project blog, it’s targeted at a niche area. I set up the Olympics blog around a year before the actual Beijing Olympics 2008 event to give it time to rank better in search engines. I must admit I did not post regularly in the first 8 months until around 6 months before the main show. I even hired one blogger to blog for me.
The Adsense income for the blog stayed stagnant until June 2008. In August 2008, I had the biggest pay check from Google in my 4 years with Adsense. To sum up, the Olympics blog earned me a few thousand bucks. At that moment, I realized that blogging really pays but not without hard work.
My advice to aspiring bloggers is to keep your day job while continue to blog. Even you think you are earning a full time income from blogging, give it a few months before you hand in your resignation letter.
As for now, I’m starting new blogs (like this simple Netbook FAN! blog) and I’m content I can drink at least a few cups of teh in Kopi tiam or Coffee Bean, all paid for, by blogging.
If you have any questions, feel free to shoot in the comments section.
P.S: Thanks DK for giving me the opportunity to blog here. Please recruit me again next time.

Ok, it wasn’t really a date, more like an event, but he was a very nice chaperone thorughout.
Last Sunday we went to a basketball match between the Singapore Slingers and the Smart Pampanga Buddies, and the Slingers won 100 – 72, which was pretty awesome.
We snapped a couple of pics with the giant players, now I’m just waiting patiently for DK to send them over so I can show you some! 🙂

okok… I know I am not doing a very good job of being a guest blogger, so I am to redeem myself. This time I will talk about… food! *grins*
I met up for a gathering with a few friends of my forum friends whom dk knows too while dk was away for his reservist. Obviously he wasn’t very thrilled to know that we had our once in a blue moon gathering while he was not available. 😛
Ok.. Back to the topic… Food~! Yummy… We had our dinner at this Japanese restaurant called Santouka in The Central. Santouka is located in a ulu corner of The Central so it is not really easy to find. It is best to arrive there by 6.30pm if you are going there for dinner as the place is quite small and their tables will be filled up by around 7pm. Queues will be snaking outside the restaurant any time after 7.

Santouka is basically famous for their ramen. They have a few types of soup base namely shio (salted), shoyu (soya sauce) and miso. I had their Miso Ramen and I must say their ramen is definitely one of the better ones around. A must try from Santouka is probably Toroniku (pork cheeks). Their Toroniku is really tender and yummy.

The ramen here is worth a try if you have not try it yet. 🙂

Dk is still serving his term reservist in the prison barracks.  A few of us were suppose to help him guest blog while he is serving his term.  I think one of our main objective is to at least keep or improve his visitor rates.  I think we may have caused his readership to plunge.  He will be out on 29 November 2008.  It is time to bring out the big bomb!  Once it detonates, the readership sure shoots up! 
Here it is, dear all readers, the promised pron!  It has blonde, hunk, or9y, phallic symbol, young girl in Japanese sailor school uniform
It is highly NSFW!  You have been warned!

Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier

Yes, DK, you are welcome! Don’t need to thank me for the increased readership. It was my pleasure. 🙂

In Singapore, there’s a bunch of primary school principals who support the notion of requiring each and every primary school teacher to have a degree.
A school head honcho was quoted saying: If the teacher’s diction and language ability are not good, the students will not learn anything from him.
WTF. What a joke.
I remembered my teachers who had taught me did not possess solid language foundation or speak Chinese or English very clearly. However, they did not give up on their students, never.
We can have a ton of good graduate teachers but getting a really good teacher is really hard to come by, especially in today’s “business-like” schools.

Hi all! Its dk. Ok – not THE dk who owns this blog, but Derrick Koh, guest blogger. I met dk (THE dk) from our interactions at social media events hosted by Intel and my company, Lenovo. I wonder how’s the ol’ chap (dk) doing now – is he in camp waiting anxiously for the Sat bookout from camp, or is he snoring away at home ‘cos his unit let him out early? I guess we’ll find out when he replies to this post (in his veiled attempts to constantly check in to see if any of his guest bloggers have defaced dee kay dot as gee 🙂 – guest bloggers unite! We haven’t tried hard enough yet!)
I’m now blogging on this errand-filled Sat before I start my car Snowy up for the 3pm legal off-peak car usage commencement. I wanted to share what I have planned for Sunday (tmr) – cooking ‘Rice Cooker Chicken Rice’ and my first attemp at baking – a simple, no-frills butter cake. I bought all the baking utensils and just need to pick up the chicken rice and cake ingredients at Sheng Siong across my home tmr after church.
The chicken rice is the usual Hainanese white chicken rice like in the hawker centre/coffee shop (Chatterbox for all you atas folks – you know who you are!) but all to be cooked in the rice cooker, not needing any other pot to boil the chicken etc. Cool right? Sorry but I’m a sucker for cooking so these things excite me. Its also a healthy version not needing that much chicken fat for frying the rice grains prior. Will it taste nice? I’ll blog abt it next week – then you can ask me for the recipe, ok? Incidentally, I cut the recipe from an NTUC supermarket newspaper ad a few weeks ago. (Trivia: Did you know most supermarket ads run on Thursdays? Its true mainly – I learnt this when I was interning at a supermarket food supplier about 15 years ago – yes I’m THAT old).
Since I’m a baking-virgin, I thought I’d start with a simple cake and when I get the hang of it, I’ll try choc chip cookies (I got the recipe standing by :). I wanted to extend my culinary repertoir to include baking ‘cos I thought it’d be a nice, sincere and heartfelt any ocassion gift – like the upcoming year-end season. Not to mention it will save me some cash on thoughtless gifts for people you aren’t that close too e.g. colleagues. Everyone loves a good homemade, cookie right?
Anyways – I gotta to warm up Snowy now. We got errands to run! Let you guys know abt my Sunday cooking adventures soon… Oh yeah – I am going to cook this curry sotong dish as well (the wife loves seafood)- discovered on this fab Malaysia website with drool-ful photos expertly taken by the author Bee.

Thanks for having me, dk. No regrets yet, I hope. 🙂 Later.