Good thing must share. Audio House is giving out 6 tons of durians for free to its Members on 13 and 14 July, from 1 to 9pm. No purchases required! All members at Audio House are entitled to redeem 2 durians each for free.

Each member is entitled to redeem an additional 2 durians each if they spend at least $100 at Audio House during the 2 days

Not a member yet? Register as a member for free now at

Apple is opening its second Apple Store in Singapore at Jewel Changi Airport.

Its been rumoured that Apple will be opening more Apple Stores in Singapore and Jewel Changi Airport is one of the locations. (PS: The other Apple Store is rumoured to be at MBS)

I was at Jewel Changi Airport during the sneak preview back in April and noticed an area that is still under renovation. There’s no sign or anything but I’m pretty sure that’s the new Apple Store. Looks like it is going to be huge. Can’t wait for 13 July!

Energizer recently announced a new look for the brand, including new packaging, in-store displays, logo and advertising for its battery product lines.

The brand mascot, Mr. Energizer, is also given new fun-loving personality to reflect the spirit of the ​Energizer​​ brand. These changes represent the first major update to the ​Energizer​ look since 2008.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is the time of the year to apply for NDP tickets. This year’s NDP will be held at the Padang and will also commemorates the 200th anniversary of the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles in Singapore.

There will be 2 preview session on 27 July and 3 Aug.

To ballot for NDP tickets, visit the website or apply at any SAM and AXS station. Successful applicants will be notified via e-mail on 24 June. May the odds be ever in your favor.

On the side note, the application form for this year’s NDP ticket is powered by FormSG from the Open Government Products (OGP) division in GovTech. You can read more about it here.

The Starbucks x stojo collapsible cups are back. Available in matte black and lavender colour, each cup comes with a reusable straw. When collapsed, the 16oz cup stands at 5cm tall and fits easily into your bag.

The Starbucks x stojo collapsible cups will be on sale from 13 May 2019 at S$29.90 each.