A lot of industries are being badly hit by the Covid 19. Tiger is currently rallying the Singapore community to help our local F&B. With every $10 you contribute, Tiger will give you 2 Tiger or Tiger Crystal free. You can redeem them at participating outlets after the Circuit Breaker when the outlets reopen.

Tiger hopes to raise $300,000 through this initiative. All proceeds will go directly to the participating coffeeshops, bars and pubs. Tiger has contributed $100,000 to kickstart the initiative and another $600,000 worth in beer product sponsorship.

So let’s do our part to help our local F&B here. Cheers!

Good news to all the McNuggets Curry Sauce fans. McDonald’s Singapore is launching the Curry Sauce in a limited edition take home bottle.
McDonald's Bottled Curry Sauce
The Curry Sauce was developed in Singapore more than 10 years ago and since then it has become one of McDonald’s most popular and iconic condiments. There was even a major hoo-ah on social media when Curry Sauce ran out of stock briefly.
Well, now you can bring the Curry Sauce home. The bottled Curry Sauce is available from 21 July at $4.50 with any Extra Value Meal. (limited to 4 bottles in a single receipt) At 375ml, that’s roughly 15 packets of Curry Sauce.

I’m a huge fan of McDonald’s breakfast. The only problem is, I’m not a morning person. Even though they extended the breakfast hour to 12 noon on weekend and public holidays, I still sometimes find it difficult to wake up in time to have breakfast.
That’s why I’m excited when I found out that McDonald’s Singapore will be having All Day Breakfast from 1 to 4 January 2015. Breakfast favourites such as Hotcakes Meal, Hotcakes with Sausage Meal and Breakfast Deluxe Meal will be available till 5pm over the 4 days at all McDonald’s restaurants in Singapore. Woot! This means I can sleep until 4:30pm and still be in time for McDonald’s breakfast. Woohoo!
McDonalds will also be creating its first All Day Sunrise video on 1 Jan 2015. The video will feature sunrise live streamed from some of the most iconic cities around the world starting from Gisborne, New Zealand. Start 2015 on a positive note at getupandgo.sg
PS: All Day Breakfast is not available at Nanyang Polytechnic, Lido, Clifford Centre, KK Hospital, Tampines Kiosk, Singapore Science Centre, National University of Singapore and Singapore Polytechnic 2

National Breakfast Day is back and McDonalds is giving away more than 100,000 free Egg McMuffins on 17 March 2014.
All McDonalds restaurants in Singapore will be giving away 1000 free Egg McMuffins each during breakfast hours on a first-come, first-served basis. KKH Hospital, Yew Tee (including Yew Tee Kiosk), Tampines Interchange Kiosk, Lucky Chinatown, Clementi Avenue 3, Changi Airport T2 Transit and Science Centre Singapore will not be participating in the giveaway. And since King Albert Park branch is closing down on 16 March 2014, 12 midnight, they will also not be participating in the giveaway.
And don’t feel sad if you miss the free Egg McMuffin giveaway. For the first time ever, McDonalds will be serving breakfast until 6pm. Me ish going to have Big Breakfast for lunch. Who is in?

It’s National Breakfast Day on 18 March 2013 and McDonalds is giving away Egg McMuffin. National Breakfast Day is a regional McDonalds initiative with more than 5000 McDonalds Restaurants in Asia, Middle East and Africa taking part.
In Singapore, 121 McDonalds outlets will each give away 1000 free Egg McMuffins to customers on a first come first served basis on 18 March from 5 to 10am.
Singapore Polytechnic 2, Temasek Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic and City Square Mall will start the giveaway at 6am while Compass Point will start at 7am. The free Egg McMuffin Giveaway is not available at KK Hospital, Yew Tee Kiosk, Tampines Interchange Kiosk, Lucky Chinatown, Clementi Avenue 3, and Changi Airport Terminal 2 Transit. Check out McDonalds website for more information.
Did you know that McDonald Egg McMuffin turned 41 this year? The popular breakfast item was first invented in 1971.