IKEA Singapore will resume selling the popular meatballs today after DNA results by a local independent lab that confirms that meatballs sold locally contain only beef and pork, and the Halal-certified ones are made of beef and chicken.
To celebrate the return of the IKEA meatballs, IKEA Restaurants will be selling them at $1 for 10 pieces on 8 March 2013 (Today). That’s 10 cents a piece.
I bet the place is going to be crowded.
IKEA Singapore temporarily stopped the sales of the meatballs as a precautionary measure after horse meat were detected in the meatballs in Europe. But we all know that the meatballs in Singapore are safe since they are from a different supplier.

A new king is here on this sunny island. Smoothie King, the world’s original, nutritious, great tasting smoothie open its first outlet in Singapore at The Centrepoint on 12 December 2012.

Established in 1973, Smoothie King currently has over 700 stores across US, South Korea and other countries. The company plans to open between 25 to 30 stores in Singapore over the next 3 years.

Smoothie King serves 27 different type of smoothies in Singapore and can be customised and enhanced according to your preferences. There are 3 categories of smoothies – Refreshing, Slim & Lite and Nutritious Meals. A 12 ounce (354ml) smoothie is less than 250 calories for those keeping count. You can also add Enhancers such as Antioxidant, Diet Down, Energy, Fibre, Multi Vitamin, Muscle Builder, Probiotic, or Collagen to your smoothie for an additional dollar.

The most popular smoothie in US is the Angel Food. Personally, I prefer the Strawberry X-Treme.
Besides smoothie, Smoothie King also offers a wide range of freshly made healthy wraps, soft tacos and salads. I’ve tried the Fresh Teriyaki Chicken Breast Wrap and Citrus Walnut Salad and I must say that I love it. If health food can taste so good, I don’t mind eating them everyday.

Smoothie King is now open at The Centrepoint. Go check it out.

The curry sauce crisis is over. After almost a week of curry sauce shortage, a new batch of curry sauce has finally arrived Singapore. Rejoice!
The packaging for the new curry sauce is different. Although McDonalds Singapore Facebook page said that it taste the same, I felt that the new curry sauce is a bit watery and not as nice as before.

Anyway, now that curry sauce is back, the best way to celebrate is to have Chicken McNuggets. And lots of them. McDonalds is having a promo from 25 – 29 Nov 2011. Just flash the coupon below and you can buy 1 get 1 free when you buy 6 piece Chicken McNuggets.

Somehow I got this feeling that McDonalds will run out of Chicken McNuggets because of this promo.

If you think Vitamin Water is good for you, watch this video.

“No consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking vitaminwater was a healthy beverage.”

PS: I’ve never tried Vitamin Water and I don’t know how true is this video. You make your own judgement.

First heard about this great chocolate cake from the Shareen and Joe Show few weeks back. So Justin decided to buy one to share among everyone at Hackerspace SG. And I must say, the Devil Chocolate Cake from Hunny Bunch N Co is fantastic. It is so good that we ordered another 2 the following week for BarCamp Singapore 5 after party at Hackerspace.

The Devil Chocolate Cake is ultra rich in chocolate. The layer of chocolate fudge on top is generous. Chocolate lovers like me will definitely love it. We had 2 shots of Rum added to the cake. In my opinion, 2 shot is just enough as it brings out the favors the Devil Chocolate Cake and add a very mild alcoholic taste. But if you are a rum lover, you might want to request for more shots (if that is possible).
And since they are home made, the cakes are freshly made after you order. You will need to place an order 24 hours before hand. They deliver to anywhere on Singapore main Island for free.
The Devil Chocolate Cake comes in 2 sizes. The 6″ (weighs about 0.9KG) Devil Chocolate Cake cost $32 and 8″ (weighs about 1.4KG) cost $48. Honestly, I know 2 other places where their chocolate cakes are just as good. But none of them come close to this price. So for great chocolate cake at affordable price, try Hunny Bunch N Co.

PS: One thing to note about the Devil Chocolate Cake is that it is very very chocolatey. You most likely won’t be able to eat a lot at one go. But not to worry, I’m sure you friends will gladly help out. Else you can always give me a call and I’ll come to your rescue.

Below is a food review that I wrote back in 8 May 2008 on another blog. Decided to port it over here since the other blog is inactive.
This is my first visit to Curry Favor. Heard that it serves good Japanese Curry. I personally loves Japanese Curry. (And I seldom take Indian curry unless it’s with Prata)

Do you know that the Europeans are the first to introduce curry to Japan in the late 19th century?

The restaurant is located at the 3rd floor of Velocity@Novena Sq. There is another branch at Stamford House.
I ordered a Cheese Katsu (Pork Filet) Curry while StarryNite ordered a Rosu Katsu Curry. There are 2 types of curry to choose, regular and spicy. Both are just as good.
The Rosu Katsu taste normal. But thanks to the great curry, it make the dish taste better than the usual Pork Katsu you get elsewhere. Hey, they don’t call themselves Curry Favor for nothing.
The Cheese Katsu Curry is great. The Cheese Katsu looks like Nuggets. But the inside is filled with cheese and pork meat. The good thing about this dish is that the cheese and the curry sort of compliment each other. A must try for cheese lover.
The only disappointment about Curry Favor is their drinks. Ice Lemon Tea was sold out for the day, so I choose Lime Juice which I soon regretted. The lime juice is too sour. Should have just stick to the ice water.
But I must say that the service is excellent. The staff are very attentive and automatically comes over to our table to refill the ice water when it falls below the 3/4 mark. Good job.
Food: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10
Ambience: 8/10
Note: Cheese lovers must try the Cheese Katsu (Pork Filet) Curry. Give the Lime Juice a miss if you don’t like sour stuff.
Curry Favor
238 Thomson Road, #03-26/27,
Novena Square, Singapore 307683
Tel: 62552395
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun: 12pm – 10pm