I did a phone interview with Sunday Times regarding online privacy on Google Latitude and the article was printed yesterday.
And nope, I haven’t give up on online privacy, although I feel that it’s getting harder and harder to be private online. A few keypoints that was mentioned during the interview but wasn’t printed. For example, I mentioned that you must approve your friends before they can see your location on Google Latitude. I only approve people whom I know. And since the location is not broadcast, I don’t see why its a online privacy issue.
Google Latitude is actually an useful tool. There won’t be any privacy issues if it is used correctly.

Nicole SMS me last Sunday morning saying I was quoted on The Newspaper, page 3. I usually don’t buy TNP. But I’m curious about what they quote me. So I went to buy the TNP when I went downstair to pack my lunch.
When I got the papers, the first thing I did was to flip to page 3 to see my quotes. But I couldn’t find it. I thought Nicole make a mistake. Might be yesterday’s paper. So I MSN her to check. She confirm that it is Sunday’s paper. So I check the TNP again.
And there it is. 1 very very very small sentence. No wonder I couldn’t find it.

It’s about the blog entry on Singtel increasing the pricing for fixed telephone line.

It is sad that they decided to increase the pricing on a dying technology. Wouldn’t that kill the technology faster?

Another 5 second of fame. Almost missed it. Thanks to Nicole for the tip off. 🙂

Straits Times picked up my article on electricity tariff hike and published a short paragraph on The Sunday Times, 5 Oct 2008. (PS: Page 30)
Another 5 seconds of fame.

‘We, the consumers, can’t do anything because of the monopoly in the energy market. There is no alternative for us to switch to. There is no competition to keep prices in check. There is no motivation for (Singapore Power) to be more cost-effective.’

Straits Times didn’t inform me about this. I only got to know this today when I saw an incoming link from Singapore Power. It seems like the people from Singapore Powers are monitoring it now.
I hope they won’t cut off my power supply just because I complain about them. There is no alternative for me if they decided not to sell electricity to me. Oh shit. I’m in trouble now.
Hahaha…. Kidding kidding. Anyway, I repeat myself, it’s time to open up the energy market in Singapore.

Many thanks to ECL and Miss Loi for telling me that my photo was being published on Tuesday’s My Paper. Didn’t even know that the My Paper reporters took photos of us while we were cam-whoring.

Argh. I look ugly in that photo. Can’t they choose a better picture of me? (OK, on 2nd thought, it’s kinda hard to find a good photo of me.)
Don’t really like the captions below the picture. Oh well….. nvm.