**This entry was hand written on 25 Aug 2009**
Spend the morning having revision on something we will not be using for this ICT. Just a revision to make sure we don’t forget how to do it when there is a need for it. Afternoon was spend setting up that shitty piece of equipment. Lost count on the number of times I curse and swear.
After dinner, we went over to the lecture theater and waited outside. Our division commander is here to give us a talk. We ended up waiting 1 hour outside because there is another batch inside. Well, we rush to wait and wait to rush.
I always have this theory regarding why we always need to wait so much. Let’s say we are supposed to gather at 7pm. The CO will tell the OC to gather the men at 6:45pm. The OC will tell the CSM to gather the men at 6:30pm. The CSM will tell the Platoon Sgt to gather the man at 6:15pm. The Platoon Sgt will gather the man at 6pm. That why we always waited so long. (OK, it’s just a joke, but I think such things happen once or twice before)
Spend the rest of the evening setting up equipments for the exercise the next day. My equipment keep giving me errors. Had a hard time fault finding. The best part was, even the replacement parts are faulty. Super unlucky.

**This entry was hand written on 24 Aug 2009**
Went to a new training ground for a short training. Very impressive place I must say. Too bad we can’t bring camera phones along. Would be nice to let everyone see the facilities. Something you will not see during the army open house. The training was short, very short. In fact, I think the time spend waiting and traveling was longer than the actual training timing. Not that I’m complaining. Our trainer help arranged everything in order so that we can quickly finish our training and go back camp to do other stuff. Oh, by the way, our trainer this year is the same guy as last year. Having been thru so many reservist, I still think he is the best trainer we had.
Spending the rest of the morning in camp setting up the stupid equipment. Yes, THAT SHITTY PIECE OF EQUIPMENT. It’s been one year already and that stupid thing is still there. And judging by the cost of the equipment, I guess it will be there for several more years to go. Curse the person who designed that equipment. Curse the person who approved it.
We spend the afternoon having revision and setting up equipment for Wednesday’s exercise.

**This entry was hand written on 22 Aug 2009**
We had IPPT today. I help the government save money by failing my IPPT. OK, not that I don’t want to collect the money. But my fitness really down the drain. The guys in my platoon have to remind me that I used to be quite fit during NSF days. I’m always in the lead during 2.4km run. Oh well, all those are just memories now. Still remember my best 2.4km timing – 9 min 46 sec (1 second away from gold). No joke.
Spend the rest of the morning drawing store.
Took a nap while waiting for book out timing. Its a tradition for my unit to drag book out timing. I figured out that its easier to wait for book out timing by taking a nap. This way, you won’t feel so frustrated while waiting. Book out at 3pm. Took a cab home, shower and rush down to Derrick’s home for nice home brew beer and shepherd pie. Going to be a tough 2 weeks ahead.

**This entry was hand written on 21 Aug 2009**
First time wearing the new number 4. Feels weird. Still prefer the old number 4 anytime. Arrived camp just in time. In-pro went smoothly. Think we are quite expert in this already. After all, this is our 7th In Camp Training (ICT). Our bunk is at level 6 again. Wah piang.
We had a simple parade to mark the start of the ICT as usual. After the parade, we went for a 4 km route march. Pretty relaxing walk since we aren’t carrying much load. Furthermore, we came back for a one day route march in early July and Aug to “warm up” for this ICT. So the fitness is “slightly” there. The route march ended at the live firing range where we had our range practice/refresher. Pretty well planned out schedule. Save the transport and petrol to drive us to the range.
The format of the range has been changed. Somehow I feel that it is easier this time once you get the hang of it. I’m usually pretty good at range and this is no exception. Hit 7 out of 8 target. Was cursing and swearing when I missed the last target.
We had packed lunch at the range. The first lunch for ICT is usually the best and this is no exception. Spend the rest of the afternoon in range resting/sleeping while waiting for the rest to finish their shooting. First day is usually more relaxed.

The 2 weeks plus reservist is finally over. Woohoo!!
This is indeed the toughest reservist ever. Especially the 4 days outfield exercise which seems like the longest battle ever. It was tough, too tough. At one point, I thought we were still NSF. In fact, this is the 2nd toughest exercise in my entire whole life. (The toughest exercise is the one we had during active days in Taiwan) Got 2 blisters on my feet. I seldom get blisters during outfield exercise. Still recovering from the xiong-ness.
It was a fruitful exercise. Although we didn’t managed to get the score we are aiming for, we did however still make history in SAF thru other means. Will talk more about it later.
At the end of the Reservist, I was given the 5 year service medal (although I’ve already served for 7 years already). 3 more reservist to go.

I’ll be going back to camp for reservist for the next 2 weeks (plus a bit) and will be “released” on 5 Sept. Which explains why I got my friends to help guest blog and also the camouflage blog header. (Which is the same that I used last year)
This year, I’ll be wearing the new number 4 uniform. The new pixel camouflage uniform. I know I said this many times, but I really hate the new uniform. Looks damn ugly lah. I know they are supposed to make us more camouflaged outfield. But is camouflage still relevant in modern warfare? I wonder.
PS: Don’t tell me to change my blog header to pixel camouflage. I still prefer the old camouflage, just like I still prefer M16. Me old soldier lah. Resistant to changes.
And hor, KNN lor. Last year we were told to sew the division and vocation badges on our old uniform, then this year change new uniform. Waste my money and time.
I miss my old ga-rang number 4. The one that company me chiong countless hills when I was still a NSF.
This ICT will be the toughest ever for my whole reservist cycle. Basically, we will be put on the test to see how well we perform. Hope we perform well and break some records along the way.

Training to be soldiers,
Fight for our land,
Once in our lives,
Two years of our time.
Have you ever wondered,
Why we must serve,
Because we love our land
And we want it to be free YAH!