*Rants and spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned*
Wanted to blog about this few weeks ago when I saw the spoiler on who will be killed in Season 7 premiere. But I decided to wait till I see the full episode before commenting. If you remember, I was really pissed after watching Season 6 finale.
And I wasn’t the only one. A lot of fans were angry with the cliffhanger and there was a massive backlash. But showrunner Scott Gimple asked the fans to give them the benefit of the doubt as it as all part of a plan. He said he hope people will see the Season 7 premiere and feel that it justifies the way they told the story.
But after watching Season 7 premiere, I still felt that the cliffhanger in Season 6 finale was unnecessary. It was just a lazy way of creating suspense so that the fans will look forward to the next season.
Personally, I think the story would have been better if they ended Season 6 with Abraham behind hit by lucille. This will give Negan’s introduction a huge impact and at the same time give fans the impression that the rest of the gang are safe from lucille. And they could deliver another shock during Season 7 premiere by killing Glenn.
Very disappointed with the cliffhanger in Season 6 finale. After watching Season 7 premiere, I still don’t think it justify the cliffhanger. They could have told a better story without that stupid cliffhanger.

Channel 5 was showing Top Gun yesterday evening. I seldom watch TV nowadays but I can’t give this 30 year old classic a miss.
But something seems different. They censored the iconic scene where Tom Cruise was flying inverted and “communicating” with the enemy plane. (AKA showing the middle finger)
Ok, I know the movie was showing at 7pm and there are kids watching. But censoring away a scene because it contains the middle finger seems a bit extreme. What is wrong with the censorship board? Are they telling us that the middle finger is not suitable for a movie rated PG?
So it is ok to show premarital sex, topless man in locker room and war scene where a couple of fighter jets get shot down. But it is not ok to show someone showing the middle finger? Seriously? No wonder people are watching less TV nowadays. Why bother watching a badly censored movie? Go get the DVD or stream on Netflix instead.
Well, thank you IMDA for ruining a classic movie like Top Gun. This image is for you.
PS: They censored this scene too.

Updates: Another nest migration just took placed on 6 October so this list is most likely outdated.
Sorry for the lack of updates on the blog. Been busy with Pokemon Go. Since there is a new nest change lately, I guess I’ll take a moment to list down the new Pokemon nest in Singapore.
Disclaimer: These info are from Facebook groups, forums and my own observations. Do comment below if there is an error or if I miss out any important nest. Thanks.
Abra: Gardens By The Bay East
Charmander: The Charmander nest has moved from Punggol to East Coast Park Zone G. It’s a little bit out of place. You might want to bring more Pokeballs with you as so trainers are saying that there are only a few Pokestops there.
Changi Beach Park is also a good place for catching Charmander.
If East Coast Park and Changi Beach Park are too far for you, you might want to try Bishan Active Park. The Charmander spawn rate is not as fast there but at least it is more central.
Clefairy: Botanic Gardens
Cubone: Labrador Park
Diglett: Fort Canning Park
Doduo: Pasir Ris Park
Electabuzz: Mt Faber Park
Jynx Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Park
Kabuto: East Coast Park Zone C
Magmar: Pearl Hill City Park
Onix: Dhoby Ghaut MRT
Pikachu: Pikachu nest is back! You can find Pikachu at Macritchie Reservoir Park.
Ponyta: Istana. It’s a restricted area. Unless you work there or got invited by the President or Prime Minister, I don’t think you can enter that place. However, you might want to know that the next Istana Open House is on 29 October 2016. Hopefully the Ponyta nest is still there.
Scyther: Bukit Batok Nature Park
Slowpoke: Bishan-AMK Park
Snorlax: There is no Snorlax nest. But if you are desperately looking for Snorlax to complete your Pokedex, I noticed that they have been spawning quite frequently around Jurong area. But you’ll need a car to chase them down. Only recommend this for those who are very desperate for a Snorlax.
Vulpix: Tanjong Rhu Promenade
All screenshot taken using SGPokeMap.

*Rants and spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned*
Please excuse me for ranting here. I’m writing this after watching The Walking Dead season 6 finale. I know a lot of this are just anger and may not make sense. But to be honest, I haven’t been so pissed with a TV show for so long.
Most of you know that I’m a huge The Walking Dead fan. Like everyone, I was eagerly anticipating the introduction of Negan since Rick and gang arrived Alexandria. The show has been teasing Negan since the mid season break. And most fans know there’s only one way to introduce Negan to the world. And that is to kill a character in the show.
And this is not going to be a minor character. In the comic book, Negan killed Glenn. We don’t know if they will do the same for TV. But we know it is going to be a major character. And so everyone watched the 90 minutes season finale with much anticipation and fear. Fear that their favorite character will be killed.
But what do we get? 90 minutes of dragging. From one road block to another. But ok, its just building up to the final moment. We get it. And Negan didn’t disappoint. He is great. He’s evil yet charismatic. Absolutely great. And you know he mean business.
Then the stupid cliffhanger. Instead of showing us who was killed, all we got is the victim’s point of view and fade out. And we’ll need to wait till season 7 to find out who was killed. I know there is a need for cliffhanger to get fans excited and looking forward to the next season. But this is just too much. It’s down right insulting to all The Walking Dead fans who are following the series.
And do you know the stupid thing about this cliffhanger? It’s not going to stay a secret for long. They are going to start filming season 7 soon. And we all know that there are people stalking the set. It’s just a matter of time before someone guessed who got killed by Negan. And that news will definitely be spreading like wildfire before the start of season 7. So what’s the point of having this cliffhanger at this time and age?
Instead, why not show us who got killed in the season 6 finale? After all, there is a even bigger cliffhanger out there. What is Rick and gang going to do after that major character died? The Walking Dead completely missed the opportunity to pull the fans’ heartstring by having one of the biggest build up leading to the shocking death of a major character. It’s just stupid.
I know they are doing this for the viewership. Maybe with this cliffhanger, they might be able to get higher viewership for the season premiere like the Terminus in season 5. But this time its different. Its just insulting to ask fans to wait 6 months to find out who died. The fans deserved better treatment than this.

Check out this beautiful image of Singapore from the International Space Station, captured by US astronaut Tim Kopra.
Isn’t it beautiful?
You can see clearly the major roads and highways. The Central Business District looks very bright. And despite all the bright city light, there is a dark patch in the middle of the island where our nature reserve is. Let’s hope it stays this way.
Thank you Tim for this wonderful photo.

Every once in a while, someone will discover an easter egg in Siri when you ask something funny. Instead of giving you a straight answer, Siri decides to be funny and give you a wacky response.
Try asking Siri “What is zero divided by zero”. The expression has no meaning since you can’t divide zero by zero.
Instead of just telling you the expression makes no sense, Siri decided to give you….

“Imagine that you have zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends. How many cookies does each person get? See? It doesn’t make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends.”

Epic answer. Now try asking other numbers divide by zero.