It’s been a very long time since I last did this. If you have been following my blog long enough, you would have seen a series of blog post call “Too Long For Twitter, Too Short For Blog” or in short TLFT TSFB. I have no idea why I stop doing this after 9 entries. I think I was busy and there aren’t much stuff that is of this length. So I stopped.
Well, it’s back. Although I don’t know for how long. Wahahahaha.
SingPost vandalise its mailbox for YOG marketing
I don’t understand what the linkage between vandalism and Youth Olympic Games. Oh wait, it’s actually graffiti, not vandalism. Does anyone know the difference between graffiti and vandalism? Anyway, SingPost has apologized for the viral marketing stunt.
If you ask me, I’ll say it’s publicity, in a bad way.
My officer on Court martial
A high ranking army officer has been brought before a tribunal for alleged misconduct under military law. I think he is actually one of the officer in my unit during my NSF days. I’m not directly under him but I know him. Remember his name because he is quite a nice guy. Well respected by men and officers. High flyer too.
I hope he is innocent. We need more people like him in SAF.
You can get a birthday cake from OCBC
Blogger Kitchen Tigeress visited OCBC on her birthday, requesting for a cake as advertised on their advertisement. The staff tried to convinced her that it’s just an advertisement but failed. In the end, the manager bought her a cake.
I must say that the manager handled the situation well. I hope he managed to claim the cost of the cake from the company. Ads agencies, beware.
Sky Dining on NYE
Holly Jean spend her NYE on the Singapore Flyer Sky Dining but the service wasn’t up to her expectation. It’s a fully booked day and the Singapore Flyer had some logistic problems that wasn’t handled well by the staff.
What can I say? Of all days, they choose to cock up on a day when a prominent blogger is onboard. Damn unlucky. But credits to them for being quick to offer service recovery. Hope they can learn from the mistakes and improve on it.
HP Slate copy Apple?
Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer unveiled a new touch-enabled slate PC from HP during his CES Keynote. And I’ve been reading lots of comments saying that HP is copying Apple’s iSlate which is rumored to be announced on 26 or 27 Jan 2010.

Wait a minute. HP has officially announced their Slate PC. Apple’s iSlate is still a rumor and Apple haven’t confirmed it. So how is that considered copying?
My health conscious nephew
I was laughing when my sis told me that my 7 year old nephew sometimes looks for the “Healthier Choice” logo when buying can drinks. I wonder where did he learn that from.

After a long hiatus, the “Too Long For Twitter, Too Short For Blog” series is back.

Vote for Marina’s Bloggariffic
Rina is nominated for 2007 Webblog Award – Best Asian Blog category. Go vote for her now. This is your last chance as voting will close on the 8th Nov. Everyone must support Rinaz. Cause she say she will treat me coffee at Geek Terminal if she win.

Ikea hacker
We heard of computer hacking. Have you heard of Ikea Hacking?

If you think STOMP was bad enough
There are quite a few posting in Stomp about policemen making mistakes like sleeping in carpark. Some people defended the police officer. Well, Singapore’s policemen are lucky that they haven’t encounter this guy yet.Super addictive game
This is another super addictive game. You have been warned.
Try play the multiplayer game once you unlocked it. More fun to play against human.

MM Lee: We do not trace you on Yahoo or Google
You heard the man. He said they will not be tracing us on Yahoo or Google. well… maybe they are using Alta Vista? 😛

Slapping game
A good game for destress.

Facebook Song

I can poke you, you can poke me too.
Come poke me at my facebook.

Blog day
OK, someone registered a website and declared that 31 Aug is blog day. And what do you do on blog day? You blog. Haha. OK, seriously, they say you should recomment 5 blogs on that day.

But who are they to decide 31 Aug is blog day. Hmmmm….

Lip Syncing To The Song
Didn’t know that there is actually such a song.

Feel like doing lip syncing someday too. 😀

Hardest question on earth

The hardest question that facebook’s compare people can ask.

How do I make a choice?

Problem with wireless@sg
Why doesn’t IDA believe that the wireless@sg sucks?

Seriously, if I ever have a good video camera, I’ll take video of my laptop screen when using wireless@sg. Then you guys will see how bad the random disconnection is.

Handphone back from hospital
Send my handphone to repair because the navigation joystick is having some problems. I heard that it is a common problem with Sony Ericsson phones that are using joystick. No complains since I really love my K800i. One of the best phone I ever had.

When I got back my phone, the technical support guy told me they changed the entire motherboard. I was pretty shocked. He said that the joystick is connected to the motherboard, and the only way they can replace it is to replace the whole motherboard. Hmmmm…. You mean everyone who go to the service centre with joystick problem, you will change the entire motherboard? Wow…. that isn’t very cost efficient leh.

So I got back my phone with a new motherboard. Errr…. in short, I only got back my casing. The rest of the phone is brand new.

Why don’t you guys just give me a new phone instead? Hahahaha…..

Argh… I need to do this more frequently.

Decayonnet at sgblogs rank 15
I don’t really know how does its ranking. But I’m surprised that I managed to get into rank 15.

But the ranking is quite competitive and changes almost every day. Doubt I’ll remain there for long. Oh well, at least its nice to know that I managed to hit rank 15 once. 🙂

Humping Dog
Not sure if I should classify this as NSFW. Anyway, its funny, but really serve no purpose. And very noisy too.

Interviewed by How to blog for money
Paddy email me recently to do an interview for his blog. Here are the things that I said.

When I read back what I wrote, I found that I was rather boring when answering the question. Which is not my usual self. Wondering why…. Must be tired cause of the assignment.

Someone stole my Dilbert Calendar
Someone in my office stole my Dilbert Calendar. Not the whole Calendar, but just one piece. But strangely, that day’s comic wasn’t exceptionally funny. Why would anyone want to steal it? Sad…. I always keep the paper after tearing them. Now I’m short of one day in my collection.

Building the Merlion in Second Life
Got a group message from Lion City in Second Life. They are giving Lion City a facelift and need help with building a Merlion. If you think you are able to do it, feel free to contact MInky MOusehold.

I went into Lion City yesterday. It was empty. They even removed the Suntec City! 🙁
I love the Suntec City. Wish that they will put it back soon.

6 5 more pownce invites to give away
The pownce invites are still up for grabs. Hurry before it runs out.

OK, I think it won’t run out. Maybe pownce has given out too many invites and those who wanted pownce would have already gotten it already. Anyway, if you want, feel free to drop me a comment.

Sharks… I almost forgot completely about this.

I know how to repair printers
One of the printer in my office is having problem recently. The paper keep jamming during printing. A colleague reported the problem to me since I’m the duty LAN admin for the month. Thanks for seeing me so up. I really feel honored that you guys think I know how to repair printers too.

So I just went over see see look look. It appears that there is no problem doing normal printing. The paper will only jam when printing double side. I check the printer log and discovered that all the recent jam occur at the duplexer.

Conclusion, duplexer spoilt. Too bad we got no budget to get a new duplexer. Else I would had really ‘repaired’ the printer. Or maybe I should open up the duplexer and see if I can fix it myself. Hahaha….

Marking on MRT platform
Not sure if you notice, but there is some strange marking on the MRT platform lately.

Wondering what are they up to again this time. Hope the will not use it to increase the fare again.

Why guys carry PDA
There was a discussion on the forum about the date we choose for the birthday party, 07-07-07. Nice and easy to remember. Then Missy commented that its good to choose these easy to remember date for wedding and stuff so that you won’t forget to celebrate the anniversary. Uzyn asked what if choose easy date and the guy still forget.

Well, there is a reason why guys use PDA. But sometimes, it even reminds you of dates you don’t want to remember.

Geek Terminal ahead
One of the most common problem is that people can’t find Geek Terminal. Well, don’t worry. They just put up a signage recently. Can see from far.

Chio right?

Singnet upgrade 1500kbps to 3mbps
Got a letter from Singnet informing me that they will be upgrading my 1500kbps broadband to 3mbps.

This shows that the broadband speed I’m using is too slow and has become obsoleted.

Hitchoo oops
One thing I don’t like about the Hitchoo cards is that you have to write the username and passkey on the card yourself. My handwriting sucks. It’s going to ruin the look of the card. The gal might not even recognise the words that I wrote.

And when you got 8 cards to write at one go, chances are, you will make an error.

Oops…. I wrote the passkey on the userid field. One less Hitchoo card.

decayonnet IPO
I discovered that my blog is listed on the stock exchange. Well, Blog Stock Market to be exact. The share price is at B$2,830.31 per share currently. Wow.

Wondering what the exchange rate to real currency. If the money is good, I might consider selling my blog. Haha….

PS:The currency they use is B$…. which reminds me of Bull Shit.

Yahoo! to Apprentice
I don’t know if I’m the last person on earth to know this. But you can watch Apprentice Season 6 on Yahoo! TV. In case you don’t know, I love to watch The Apprentice. There is always a lesson to take away from every episode.

Its great that I can watch The Apprentice legally online. In the past, I have to use illegal means to get my hands on the video files. Can die from waiting for local television station to air season 6.

PS: If you don’t want to know who is the winner for season 6, then find something to cover the top right corner.

Blog to America
Got an email from one of the owner of a very cool blog call Blog to America. He invited me to submit an entry to their blog. Blog to America is a place where foreign perspectives on the United States could be voiced and heard by normal, everyday people across the globe.

Interesting concept. Love the idea. If you have anything you want to let Americans know, feel free to submit an entry. I will write an entry on Iraq war when I got the time.

Perhaps Singapore should also do this too. So that we can see how others view Singapore.

Some gal cannot make her drunk
Went for a birthday party at the clinic recently. Our mission was simple, make the birthday gal drunk. After I made 3 person drunk in one night at my friend’s wedding, I thought this is going to be simple. But I soon found out that some gal cannot make drunk one. Cause when they are drunk, they do this.