The salesperson said it is 2 years late. True, I remember wishing for such a specs from palm 2 years ago. And it is finally here.

Been busy playing around with my TX this few days. Will write a more detail report later.

WIFI on PDA is the way to go man….. 🙂


It took me quite some time to accept the fact that Palm (Once known as PalmOne) is going to release a Treo running Window Mobile platform. After all, Palm and Window Mobile has always been rival.

But after sitting down, and think about it, you feel that it is actually something inevitable. Treo is a very good product, the only shortcoming is that it is unable to convert Window Mobile die hard fans out there. If Palm don’t do anything about it, they might end up losing that pie to other Treo wannabe. Palm understand that it cannot survive on palmOS alone. It has to make device on other OS. Although it is sad to see that they choose Window Mobile, but it is the best choice available. After all, revenues made from Window Mobile devies will ensure that Palm doesn’t close down. If palm doesn’t close down, it will contuine to make PalmOS device.

Some might argue that it might cause existing Treo user to jump to Windows Mobile. But on the other hand, it might also cause some Window Mobile users to jump over to PalmOS. So what difference does it make?

Another worries from PalmOS die hard fans is that Palm might neglect PalmOS and change its focus on Window Mobile. But I personally feel that so long as there is a market for palmOS device, we will contuine to see palm making them.

Nothing much will change when palm release window mobile treo. But this move is maybe a wake up call for PalmSource.

PalmOS market share has been decreasing rapidly lately. Not because PalmOS is not good enough. But PalmSource failed to get enough quality companies to produce device on PalmOS platform. 2005 see Sony and Tapwave leaving PalmOS. Lesser companies making PalmOS device means lesser palmOS device owner and lesser developer willing to release software on palmOS platform. Although LG will be coming out with a plamOS phone, I don’t think it is enough to fight with Dell and HP whom are leaders in Windows Mobile.

I don’t want to make this post a PalmOS vs Window Mobile thread. It’s a pointless debate. Both have their own pros and cons. They suits different group of people. Just like some people look better in T-shirt while other look better in tubes. It really depends on the person. But seriously, if PalmSource want to gain back the lost market share, they really need to get in some hardware superpower to license their OS.

I personally hope that Lenovo (which bought over IBM’s laptop and desktop business) will license PalmOS. IBM has experience in palmOS device. Although nothing special since it is the same as Palm’s device. But Lenovo is the only major hardware maker that is not under window mobile. I believe with Lenovo’s position, it should be able to bring palmOS device to the china market and the rest of the world.