Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed that the company is working on a Dislike button. The Dislike button was one of the most requested feature on Facebook but implementing such a button may be tricky and lead to widespread negativity and abuse on the social networking site. That’s why the Dislike button has been a subject of much discussion over the years.
But wait. Don’t click on the Dislike button on this yet. Facebook will not be implementing the Dislike button like what YouTube did. In fact, the social networking site is exploring a way to let users express emotion other than Like. It is not meant as a tool to vote up or vote down a Facebook posting.
The new feature will allow users to express empathy easily. Lets say for example your friend post on Facebook that he met a car accident. It just doesn’t feel right to click on the Like button on situation like this.
Mark Zuckerberg said that the Dislike button is “surprisingly complicated” to create but Facebook will soon begin testing before a wider roll out. Although we still don’t know how it will look like, there are some rumours that it has something to do with a patent filed in 2013.
Will we be using emoji to express empathy? Well…. we will find out soon.

Twitter just introduced Highlights today for Android users. Highlights is a simply summary of the most interesting things on Twitter for users delivered via push notification.
Highlights will change the way users use Twitter. Currently, the home timeline is the place where users browse and engage with Tweets. For old time users like me, we are used to this method of using Twitter. But some newer users and those who don’t use Twitter as often might find it intimidating or challenging. That’s why Twitter introduced Highlights to let users get the most out of it no matter how much time they spend on the social media platform.
Highlights provides a fast and simple Twitter summary to let users catch up on interesting thing quickly. To create Highlights, Twitter looks at things like the accounts and conversations that are popular among people that the user follow, Tweets from people they are closely tied to, topics and events that are trending in the area or within their network, and people that are popular or trending among people they follow.
Highlight in English is now available to all Android users. Twitter will extend this experience globally in all 35+ languages that Twitter supports. Twitter will consider bringing Highlights to other platforms in the future.

Twitter is famous for its 140 character limit. It is this limit that makes users keep their Tweets short and simple. That’s the beauty of Twitter.
While 140 char limit is great for Tweets, it is too short for Direct Messages. And perhaps that’s the reason why not many people use the DM feature of Twitter. That’s why I’m glad that Twitter is now removing the 140 characters limit on Direct Messages.
You can now send DM up to 10,000 characters. Hopefully with this new limit and the addition of Group DM recently will increase the number of people using the DM feature.
Twitter has began rolling out the changes to Direct Messages across both Android and iOS apps, on twitter.com, TweetDeck, and Twitter for Mac, and will continue to roll out worldwide over the coming weeks. So don’t panic if you still can’t send DM more than 140 char. They are coming soon.

A new Twitter record for a one day event in Singapore was set yesterday as Singapore celebrate its 50th Birthday. Over 230,000 Tweets about #NDP2015 and all things related to the National Day Parade with a peak of 570 Tweets per minutes at around 8:30pm.
The Tweets about National Day Parade includes nostalgic and humorous views of Singapore’s development over the past 50 years, amazing and funny highlights of NDP 2015, and well-wishes from Singaporean leaders and influencers.
Previous Twitter record for one-day event in Singapore was over 100,000 Tweets for the One Direction concert on 11 March 2015.

Facebook just released a special Sticker set to celebrate Singapore’s 50th Birthday.
Named “Maju the Lion” these stickers are now available download in the Sticker Store. There are 16 different stickers featuring Maju the Lion expressing different local slang words such as Steady La, Shiok and Bo Jio.

Tweeters in Singapore were treated to a surprise when they tweeted the hashtag #Singapore or #SG50. A special Twitter emojis will appear after those hashtag in the sent Tweet.
The 2 emojis are the first ever for Singapore and was launched to commemorate the nation’s Golden Jubilee.
Singapore’s Blogfather @mrbrown officially launched the emojis with his Tweet and a fun meme celebrating the uniquely Singaporean way of life. #5wordSingaporeStories became the #1 Twitter Trend in Singapore within an hour.