I was at Raffles City Starbucks last week when a Korean tourist approached me and asked if there is free internet service here. I told her that we have a free internet service call [email protected] All she needs is to register at the login page.
Minutes later, she approached me again and asked how to register. So I guided her along the registration process until we stumble upon something. You need to have a local mobile phone number in order to register for a [email protected] account.
Hello?!?! What is the chances of a tourist having a +65 mobile phone number? Why aren’t they allowed to register with their telephone number from their country?
[email protected] registration for tourist is rather tedious and troublesome. A Malaysian journalist from ZDnet Asia wrote about his ‘registration experience’ with [email protected] at Changi Airport early this year. No prize for guessing if he managed to login to our Nation’s Next Generation National Infocomm Infrastructure initiative.
Perhaps we can take a leaf out of Malaysia’s [email protected] book. Tourist can register for an account at W[email protected] website before visiting Malaysia. The activation code is send to your mobile number and you don’t need a Malaysian mobile phone number to register for [email protected] My Singapore mobile number works fine.
Look at Singapore’s [email protected] We don’t even have a dedicated page for [email protected] We have 3 separate registration page run by 3 operators. Won’t that add on to more confusion for the tourist? And none of them allow you to register if you don’t have a Singapore mobile phone number. If you are a tourist without a Singapore mobile phone, you can register at Changi Airport’s information counters. Seriously? Like if I’m at Raffles City at midnight and I need to use [email protected], I have to go down to Changi Airport to register for an account? And what is the information counter’s opening hour?
If IDA is serious about allowing tourists/visitors use [email protected], I think they need to seriously re-look into the registration process. Else, please remove the link for tourist to register a [email protected] account.
So in the end, the Korean tourist couldn’t register a [email protected] account. I have to login my account on her netbook so that she could send email back to her family and friends in Korea.

Remember last time when I blog about Creative pushing advertisement at the bottom of your web browser when you are on Qmax [email protected]? Someone suggested that I take a snapshot of that advertisement on Apple website. Here you go.

Haha. It’s not everyday you get to see a company advertising on a competitor’s website.
I still get the weird feeling whenever I’m using Qmax [email protected] Don’t like their shameless way of inserting advertisement at the bottom of every webpage that we visit. True enough that this is a free WIFI network. But the other two [email protected] service provider didn’t do that. Didn’t IDA pay them enough?
The same question still lingers in my head. Can website owners sue creative for forcing advertisement on their website?

OK, I promised that I will stop shooting [email protected] so frequently ever since I got my Singnet Mobile Broadband. But sometimes when I’m lazy to take out the modem and [email protected] never to fail me.
I’m now at Marina Square Starbucks. Here is the problem. Starbucks’ [email protected] service provider is Singtel. There is another iCell [email protected] network nearby. I think it’s from McDonalds.
So I login to the Singtel [email protected] After using the internet for awhile, I got disconnected from the Singnet [email protected] for no reason and got connected to the iCell [email protected] (Since all 3 service provider are using [email protected] as the router name) And I need to re-login to the iCell [email protected] And after awhile, I got disconnected from iCell [email protected] for no reason again and got connected to the Singtel [email protected] And to make things worst, I need to re-login to Singtel [email protected] AGAIN. And this thing goes on and on and on.
HELLO! What the heck is wrong with [email protected]? Why do I keep getting disconnected? And the 3 [email protected] service provider really should wake up their idea. It’s time they start sharing their database and not make users login multiple times when they switch between [email protected] router. And why do I have to re-login to [email protected] Singtel/iCell after I was disconnected when I login 5 minutes ago?
Anyone from [email protected] reading this? Or you guys having difficulties connecting to [email protected] too?
I’m logging off. Have enough of all these crap.

If you read my blog frequently, you will notice that I’m always complaining about [email protected] The thing is, the service is really horrible. In fact, I’m writing this article at a place with [email protected], but couldn’t connect to the internet. In the end, I have to use mobile broadband.
And because I keep complaining about [email protected], my old blog is now the 4th result in google if you search for the word [email protected] On top of Qmax and iCell website. OUCH.

And I’m not the only person complaining about [email protected] There are lots of complains about it, but these complains will most likely not be published on the mainstream media. The mainstream media still wants us to believe that [email protected] is very good.
I got an interesting comment by one of the blog reader who posted his complain letters to [email protected] and IDA. Below is the quote.

Dear CS,
Your service at Sim Lim Square level 6th has been down for almost 2 months. In year 2006
East Asia suffered nearly two months of outages and slow service after an earthquake damaged undersea cables near Taiwan. Even a damaged undersea cable can be fixed within two months period. Therefor, there is not reason you can’t complete your maintenance by now.
Thank you.

And below is the reply he got.

We understand your concerns. As the maintenance we are conducting in comparison to the incident you have made references to the Taiwan earthquake are vastly different, we seek your understanding in this matter.
Thank you.

I must agree with the CS. How can compare [email protected] with the undersea cable?
For the Taiwan earthquake where the undersea cable broke, they only need to repair broken cables. Pretty straight forward.
For [email protected], everything needs to be fixed. From the top level management who decides the [email protected] policy, the 3 service providers, the backbone and all the way to the routers that is serving the hotspot.
2 months where got enough time to repair everything?