Some of you might know that google has a policy of keeping their main webpage as simple as possible. The google main page consist of the google logo, a textfield for keying your search keyword, 2 buttons and several links to other google services. They don’t even have advertisements like their own ads-sense.

So imagine my surprise when I saw a Creative Zen advertisement on the google main page last Friday afternoon. How did creative managed to convince google to run their ads on the main page.

Well, they didn’t. I was using wireless@sg from Qmax. For the uninitiated, Qmax belongs to Qala which belongs to Creative. So when you use wireless@sg by Qmax, they will insert their advertisement at the bottom of EVERY SINGLE PAGE you surf.

I thought IDA paid the 3 service provider to provide wireless@sg for free. Why is Qmax making use of this opportunity to push advertisements to users? The other 2 service provider, Singnet and iCell, only put advertisements on the login page. I’m fine with that since it is not obstructive. But why is Qmax so special that they have to place advertisement on the bottem of every page you surf?

And is this legal? Qmax is hijacking the website and throwing their advertisements on websites that doesn’t belongs to them. Can these website owners sue Qmax? I know the wireless network belongs to Qmax. But the website doesn’t. Does wireless internet network provider has the rights to push ads on these websites? Does website owners have the rights to demand royalties from Qmax for placing advertisement on their website without permission?

Any legal experts here?

Happy birthday to you Wireless@sg.

It has been one year since you started. I wonder if anyone at IDA remembers that today is your birthday. If you were successful, I think everyone in Singapore will remember this day and celebrate your birth, But you are a great disappointment. Maybe because it is still early for us to pass judgement. Or it could be the over promise made by your parents.

There were talks of future plans like Wimax and stuff. Yes, Wimax sounds good. Longer range and faster access. But what the point of faster access if you can’t even log in to begin with?

I still remember my first experience with Wireless@sg. It wasn’t a pleasant one. In fact, there wasn’t any experience since I couldn’t connect on that faithful night. But I didn’t give up on you that night cause it was your first night. Perhaps you still need sometime to fine tune everything. But as the time goes by, it seems that the standard will never improve. Getting wireless@sg requires lots of luck. I guess I wasn’t lucky enough. That why I keep encountering problems with wireless@sg. Till I got so pissed off that I switched to mobile broadband lately.

I’m blogging this entry at Orchard Road now. Rightfully, there should be wireless@sg network here. But I decided to use my mobile broadband instead. Why risk having high blood pressure?

Anyway, Happy birthday wireless@sg. Hope the standards will improve by your next birthday.

Wanted to call this entry “Why wireless@sg has failed?”. But I guess I don’t have the rights to declare that it failed. Besides, only a handful of my friends encounter problem with wireless@sg frequently. A large number of people still think that it is very reliable. Maybe they are plain lucky. Or they didn’t use wireless@sg as frequently as us. I’ve complained enough about wireless@sg. I rest my case. If you are interested, you may check out how many times I complaint about wireless@sg.

Anyway, this entry is not for debating whether wireless@sg has failed or not. Instead, this entry is to let everyone knows that I will not twitter to complain about wireless@sg again.


Because I’ve just gotten myself a mobile broadband plan from Singtel. WOOHOO!!!!
No more searching for wireless@sg connection. No more cursing and swearing whenever wireless@sg disconnect me.

Recent events made me realise that I can’t depend on wireless@sg anymore. And some of the things that I’m about to embark on requires me to be connected while on the go. I can’t let wireless@sg ruin my opportunity. And I’m left with no choice but to subscribe to mobile broadband. Goodbye wireless@sg. I have enough of your nonsense.

I know most people are using M1 mobile broadband. But I choose Singtel because they are cheaper. On top of that, as a Singnet user, I’m given additional 30% discount. And the best part is, they give me the modem for free. (12 months contract)

The only thing about Singtel’s mobile broadband is that their modem only includes 1 short USB cable. They don’t have the useful ‘L’ shape USB. I wonder if they sell this in Sim Lim Sq.

Oh, this entry is posted using Singtel mobile broadband at HDB hub. There is Wireless@sg connection here. But I lazy to connect. My friend tried wireless@sg here and complained that it’s very laggy. So he took out his M1 mobile broadband. Seriously, how to work using wireless@sg?

Hmmm…. perhaps I should try surfing net on the train later. Wonder if it is stable when on the move.

Update: Tried surfing on train. Network still very stable. Didn’t notice any drop in speed. Cool stuff. Am loving it. 😀

I hope IDA gets to read this.

I’m not joking. This is not another sarcastic blog entry by my evil twin brother. I really wish they would stop wireless@sg. The quality of this free service is getting from bad to worst. I used wireless@sg 3 times this week. For 2 occasions, I was able to connect to the network but couldn’t load the login page. For the other occasion, I was able to login to internet but keep getting disconnected every 5 to 10 minutes. Wireless@sg is just too fustrating to use. It is totally not reliable at all. Someone asked me what do I expect from a free service. I guess we can’t really expect too much. Yes, it is a free service. But what is the point of being free when the service is unusable? I rather IDA stop this whole wireless@sg project. Revert all the hotspot back to the paying model that we had in the past. At least the wireless hotspot are more reliable back then. I rather pay than put up with this useless thing.

I was a paying customer for wireless hotspot before wireless@sg was here. At a small fee of $10 per month, I never have to worry if the network is available or not. The network is reliable and I don’t remember any occasion when I couldn’t logon to internet. Now that all the paying hotspot has been converted to wireless@sg, you can’t even pay to get a reliable hotspot. Yes, they do provide premium account where you pay to surf at faster speed. But how do you surf at faster speed when you can’t even load the login page? I was a paying customer for wireless@sg premium service for the first few months when it was launched until I was so fed up and decide to cancel the service. It just isn’t worth paying for a network that is unreliable.

I guess I should really go apply for M1 mobile broadband. I cannot afford to have unreliable network if I want to work on the move in the future. At least M1 mobile broadband is more reliable than wireless@sg.

Oh, btw, advance happy birthday to wireless@sg. I still remember the media hoo-ha one year ago when you are born. The media is still saying good things about you. I guess either they never tried using you or they are still in denial. I’m totally disappointed with wireless@sg. And I’m not the only person complaining about it. Saw several people complaining about wireless@sg too. Most of them have switched to M1 mobile broadband.

IDA: Look, if your great wireless@sg is so good, WHY would anyone still want to apply for M1 mobile broadband? Think about it.

This entry is written on MS Word at MW Starbucks on 9 Nov 2007, 7pm. Wireless@sg is unavailable, as usual.

I love wireless@sg. Its the best thing IDA has ever produced. Seriously, wireless@sg is brilliant. Never have I seen anything as good as this.

I really lost count of the number of times wireless@sg disconnect on me. Wow, it sure is exciting when you are using wireless@sg. Everytime you click a link, you will be wondering if the page will load properly. Surfing the internet never been so exciting before. You will either go “WOW. I ganna disconnected again” or “Hey look, I can load that page properly!”.

The wonderful wireless@sg network will also log you out frequently. This give you the chance to see the beautifully designed login page again and again. I love the GUI and colour scheme so much that I’m glad that they keep logging me out. Sometimes, I get to see the login page every 5 minutes. Who wants to surf the internet when the login page is so beautiful?

Cool right? This is IDA’s master plan for a globally connected and intelligent nation by 2015. By covering Singapore with a totally unreliable WIFI network. This is indeed Uniquely Singapore. Singapore tourism board can even put on their website that say “Surf internet on the go with wireless@sg which disconnects you randomly”. I bet the tourist will all be impressed by the frequent random disconnection. They don’t get to experience this kind of excitement back in their country.

And IDA is planning to roll out more services on wireless@sg. Services like VOIP. Imagine wireless@sg disconnecting the phone call when your wife starts nagging at you? Cool right?

I suggest IDA look into ways to link life support machine to wireless@sg. The person on this kind of life support machine will die once the network get disconnected. Imagine linking wireless@sg to Vivian Balakrishnan’s life support machine. I bet IDA will surely do something to wireless@sg to make it less exciting and more reliable. Don’t you think so? Seriously, I strongly believe that if your survival depends on wireless@sg, then you might as well end your life now.

PS: You may ask, why Vivian Balakrishnan? Cause he is the Second Minister For Information, Communications And The Arts. And also that ass who refuse to give the poor additional $30 per month.

PS again: DK’s twin brother decided to blog this entry after DK lost count of the number of times he got disconnected from wireless@sg at Starbucks today.

Blog day
OK, someone registered a website and declared that 31 Aug is blog day. And what do you do on blog day? You blog. Haha. OK, seriously, they say you should recomment 5 blogs on that day.

But who are they to decide 31 Aug is blog day. Hmmmm….

Lip Syncing To The Song
Didn’t know that there is actually such a song.

Feel like doing lip syncing someday too. 😀

Hardest question on earth

The hardest question that facebook’s compare people can ask.

How do I make a choice?

Problem with wireless@sg
Why doesn’t IDA believe that the wireless@sg sucks?

Seriously, if I ever have a good video camera, I’ll take video of my laptop screen when using wireless@sg. Then you guys will see how bad the random disconnection is.

Handphone back from hospital
Send my handphone to repair because the navigation joystick is having some problems. I heard that it is a common problem with Sony Ericsson phones that are using joystick. No complains since I really love my K800i. One of the best phone I ever had.

When I got back my phone, the technical support guy told me they changed the entire motherboard. I was pretty shocked. He said that the joystick is connected to the motherboard, and the only way they can replace it is to replace the whole motherboard. Hmmmm…. You mean everyone who go to the service centre with joystick problem, you will change the entire motherboard? Wow…. that isn’t very cost efficient leh.

So I got back my phone with a new motherboard. Errr…. in short, I only got back my casing. The rest of the phone is brand new.

Why don’t you guys just give me a new phone instead? Hahahaha…..