Microsoft Surface Go with LTE Advanced is now available in Singapore.

Stay connected on the move with LTE Advanced. No more searching for WiFi hotspot or tethering to your smartphone. Weighing just 532g, the 10 inch Surface Go with LTE Advance with Intel Pentium Gold Processor comes with a battery life of up to 8.5 hours.

Starting at S$1,028, the versatile 10-inch Surface is available for purchase via the Microsoft Online Store, authorised commercial resellers including AsiaPac, JK Technology and UIC, as well as authorised retailers including Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Lazada, LOL by Epicentre, and Harvey Norman.PS: if you are heading over to the IT Show 2019 this weekend, check out the Microsoft Experience Zone at level 3 Suntec City.

PS: If you are heading down to the IT Show 2019 this weekend, check out the Microsoft Experience Zone located at Level 3 Suntec City.

The world record for the most retweeted tweet has been broken. If you remember, the previous record holder was held by Carter Wilkerson for asking Wendy’s to give him a year supply of Nuggets.

The new record is held by Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa. He posted a tweet promising to give 1 million yen to 100 people who retweet and follow him. (1 million yen = 12,453.30 SGD) The tweet has currently more than 5.4 million retweets.

Personally, I’m a bit disappointed. It is sad to see the most retweeted tweet title being bought using money. So long as you are rich, you can get that title. Sigh.

There’s no doubt that Yusaku Maezawa will honour his tweet and give out 1 million yet to 100 people. But the problem with this is that we can be sure there will be scammers trying to copy him. It’s not every day that a billionaire give out free money on social media.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is now available in Lavender Purple colour.

The new Lavender Purple edition features a soft purple sheen coated in restrained glass, marrying a unique colour with a sophisticated and luxurious design. With its contemporary finish, the new Galaxy Note9 colour option is the ideal companion for users looking to express their style and personality through their mobile devices.
The Samsung Galaxy Note9 in Lavender Purple will be available from 10 November 2018 in 128GB and 512GB options.
Launched in August 2018, the Galaxy Note9 is also available in Ocean Blue, Metallic Copper and Midnight Black.

Been wanting to blog about this for a long time. The situation is getting worse now. We need new legislation to stop scalpers.
For the uninitiated, a scrapler is someone who purchase large quantity of an item with the sole intention of reselling them at a much higher price. The most recent case is the BTS concert where scraplers are reselling the tickets at up to $4000 when the original price is just $348.
Something needs to be done to stop this. Firstly, these scraplers are buying up all the available tickets to create a shortage of supply. Then they mark up the prices based on the demand.
Scalpers are getting more common nowadays. And they don’t just buy and resell tickets. Even smartphones and LEGO are not spared. And with the help of online marketplace, it is getting easier for scalpers to resell the item.
Scalpers need to be stopped. New legislation need to be in place to stop people from profitting from reselling an item excessively. I’m fine if the resold price is 20% to 30% more expensive than the usual price. But things are getting out of hand nowadays.
Everyone need to work together to stop scalpers. Talk to your MP. Ask them to push for new bill in Paraliment to stop scalping. Online market place admins need to ban people from profitting excessively from reselling an item. Concert organisers should implement features to prevent tickets from being resold. For example, the Ed Sheeran concert tickets will have the buyer’s name printed on it to prevent resale.
The rest of us need to stop buying things from scalpers. Let them hang on to the item forever without finding a buyer. If everyone corporates and stop buying from scalpers, then the scraping will stop eventually.

Apple started selling the iPhone XS and XS Max today in several countries today including Singapore. As usual, a long queue started forming the day before outside Apple Store Orchard Road. There were estimated more than hundred of people in queue.
At around 11pm last night, some people wearing Huawei T-Shirt were spotted handing out power banks to those in queue. The power bank come in a packaging saying “Here’s a power bank. You’ll need it. Courtesy of Huawei”

Warning: Rant ahead.
You didn’t hear me wrong. Huawei staff giving out power bank to people queuing up for Apple iPhone. Who came up with this marketing stunt? These people are queuing up to buy something from your competitor. Why are you giving them freebies? It is not as if they are going to leave the queue and head to the nearest Huawei store to get an Huawei phone after this.
And existing Huawei customers are asking why they didn’t receive a free power bank when they purchase a Huawei phone. Why is Huawei rewarding the competitor’s fan boys and neglecting their fans?
And yes, Huawei want to let everyone know that iPhone battery life is not as good as theirs. But everyone already know that. Yet you still get long queue outside Apple Store during every launch. Have you ever wondered why?
It’s ok if you want to poke fun of your competitor. But you don’t do it outside their store. You don’t do that to people already queuing up to buy your competitor’s product. That’s punching below the belt.
Some people might say that this is a great marketing stunt. I say this is very unethical. It is unethical to hijack your competitor event outside their store. I thought only small companies will put such low class stunt. And after pulling such stunt, they have the cheek to take photos and send out to media and bloggers in Singapore. Shame on you Huawei. Didn’t expect a MNC like Huawei to do this. Utterly disappointed.

Huawei: How would you feel if Apple (or any of your competitors)send their staff to your store during your launch day and give out freebies with their marketing messaging to those queuing up to buy your phone? Oh wait. There’s no long queue outside Huawei store during their phone launch day. #burn