Apple started selling the iPhone XS and XS Max today in several countries today including Singapore. As usual, a long queue started forming the day before outside Apple Store Orchard Road. There were estimated more than hundred of people in queue.
At around 11pm last night, some people wearing Huawei T-Shirt were spotted handing out power banks to those in queue. The power bank come in a packaging saying “Here’s a power bank. You’ll need it. Courtesy of Huawei”

Warning: Rant ahead.
You didn’t hear me wrong. Huawei staff giving out power bank to people queuing up for Apple iPhone. Who came up with this marketing stunt? These people are queuing up to buy something from your competitor. Why are you giving them freebies? It is not as if they are going to leave the queue and head to the nearest Huawei store to get an Huawei phone after this.
And existing Huawei customers are asking why they didn’t receive a free power bank when they purchase a Huawei phone. Why is Huawei rewarding the competitor’s fan boys and neglecting their fans?
And yes, Huawei want to let everyone know that iPhone battery life is not as good as theirs. But everyone already know that. Yet you still get long queue outside Apple Store during every launch. Have you ever wondered why?
It’s ok if you want to poke fun of your competitor. But you don’t do it outside their store. You don’t do that to people already queuing up to buy your competitor’s product. That’s punching below the belt.
Some people might say that this is a great marketing stunt. I say this is very unethical. It is unethical to hijack your competitor event outside their store. I thought only small companies will put such low class stunt. And after pulling such stunt, they have the cheek to take photos and send out to media and bloggers in Singapore. Shame on you Huawei. Didn’t expect a MNC like Huawei to do this. Utterly disappointed.

Huawei: How would you feel if Apple (or any of your competitors)send their staff to your store during your launch day and give out freebies with their marketing messaging to those queuing up to buy your phone? Oh wait. There’s no long queue outside Huawei store during their phone launch day. #burn

The region’s largest, annual photo competition is back. For the first time ever, theme 3 will be revealed at 5pm. So get your tripods ready and show off your skill at night photography. Register now!
Canon PhotoMarathon 2018
Date: 28 July 2018
Time: 9am to 10pm
Venue: Suntec City Convention Hall 401-402

I’m still alive. I know I haven’t been updating my blog as regularly. I even missed an update on my birthday. That’s something unusual.
So here to belated 37.
Been busy. Super busy. Most people assume that I’m busy cause there’s someone new in my life. But that’s not the only reason. For some weird reason, I’m placed in charge of a project at work and the launch date was just 2 days after my birthday. Epic. So been busy preparing for that project for the past 2 months plus. In fact, I’m still busy with the project now.
So that’s life. Busy with work and dating. Haven’t found time for other stuff. Been missing my photography. Haven’t got a chance to bring my foldable bike out for a ride. Been wanting to go back to swimming but haven’t found the time. So many things need to be done, so little time.

So many adventures couldn’t happen today
So many songs we forgot to play
So many dreams swinging out of the blue
We let them come true…..

As I grow older, I find myself beginning to worry. Worry that I might not have enough time left in this life to do the rest of the things that I wanted to do. Am I worrying too much or is this normal for someone at a certain age? I wonder.
If only someone told us that life is short when we were young. Come to think of it, they did told us life is short since the beginning. Its just that we didn’t realised that it is that short until it is too late.
So a very belated cheers to 37. Don’t know if I’ll get another 37 years in this life. But let’s hope its not too late to do the things that I want to do.

五月天 – 瘋狂世界

想了你一整夜 再也想不起你的脸
你是一种感觉 写在夏夜晚风里面
青春是挽不回的水 转眼消失在指尖
用力的浪费 再用力的后悔

adidas has unveiled the first ever World Cup pop up store at Wisma Atria. From now till 13 July, fans can get their hands on exclusive 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil merchandise including the adidas Battle Pack, the official footwear collection for the tournament
Goal Wisma Atria Compaign 2014 (65)
The adidas Battle Pack retails from S$239 to S$329. Other World Cup merchandise such as mini balls, graphic tees and federation jerseys range from S$15 to S$99.
Goal Wisma Atria Compaign 2014 (68)