Last week, States Times Review (STR) posted an article titled “Lee Hsien Loong Becomes 1MDB’s Key Investigation Target”. I didn’t read the article but knowing that it is from STR, I knew the chances of that article being fake is rather high. But of cos, an article like this wouldn’t sit well with the Government. The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) ordered STR to take down the article by Friday (9 Nov) 5pm or it will direct Internet Service Providers to restrict access to the site.
At the same time, a request was sent to Facebook for them to remove the article from STR’s Facebook page. According to a statement from the Law Ministry, Facebook declined to take down a post. The statement used this to justify the need for legislation to protect Singapore from deliberate online falsehoods.
Firstly, there’s no need for more legislation to protect Singapore from deliberate online falsehoods. We already have the capabilities and framework to combat online falsehood. Just take this case for example. After STR posted the article, the Singapore Government and High Commission in Malaysia issued a clarification to say the post was false and libellous. This was widely reported in many reputable news sites and most people already know that STR is not a trustworthy site. And when STR refuse to take down the article by the deadline, the website was blocked by all Singapore ISP. Right now, if you try visiting STR in Singapore, you’ll be greeted with this message.

I’m not a fan of Government censoring the internet but unfortunately they have the power to order local ISP to restrict access to certain website. And it works perfectly for them. So what other legislation does the Law Ministry need to combat deliberate online falsehoods?
There is no need for additional legislation to fight deliberate online falsehoods. Transparency and education are the best way to combat fake news. It is better to educate everyone on how to spot fake news. The Media Literacy Council is doing a good job in educating everyone on how to deal with fake news.
So why is the Law Ministry pushing for more legislation when existing legislation are more than enough?
We need to be careful before making new laws to regulate the internet. While the original intention is good, they might be abused by others in the future. The current legislations are more than enough. In fact, in my opinion, it already give the Government too much power.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is now available in Lavender Purple colour.

The new Lavender Purple edition features a soft purple sheen coated in restrained glass, marrying a unique colour with a sophisticated and luxurious design. With its contemporary finish, the new Galaxy Note9 colour option is the ideal companion for users looking to express their style and personality through their mobile devices.
The Samsung Galaxy Note9 in Lavender Purple will be available from 10 November 2018 in 128GB and 512GB options.
Launched in August 2018, the Galaxy Note9 is also available in Ocean Blue, Metallic Copper and Midnight Black.

Been wanting to blog about this for a long time. The situation is getting worse now. We need new legislation to stop scalpers.
For the uninitiated, a scrapler is someone who purchase large quantity of an item with the sole intention of reselling them at a much higher price. The most recent case is the BTS concert where scraplers are reselling the tickets at up to $4000 when the original price is just $348.
Something needs to be done to stop this. Firstly, these scraplers are buying up all the available tickets to create a shortage of supply. Then they mark up the prices based on the demand.
Scalpers are getting more common nowadays. And they don’t just buy and resell tickets. Even smartphones and LEGO are not spared. And with the help of online marketplace, it is getting easier for scalpers to resell the item.
Scalpers need to be stopped. New legislation need to be in place to stop people from profitting from reselling an item excessively. I’m fine if the resold price is 20% to 30% more expensive than the usual price. But things are getting out of hand nowadays.
Everyone need to work together to stop scalpers. Talk to your MP. Ask them to push for new bill in Paraliment to stop scalping. Online market place admins need to ban people from profitting excessively from reselling an item. Concert organisers should implement features to prevent tickets from being resold. For example, the Ed Sheeran concert tickets will have the buyer’s name printed on it to prevent resale.
The rest of us need to stop buying things from scalpers. Let them hang on to the item forever without finding a buyer. If everyone corporates and stop buying from scalpers, then the scraping will stop eventually.

If your work involve managing your company’s Instagram account, then Spatulah is going to be useful for you. Created by local Social Media Agency, GoodStuph, this tool will help you extract comments from an Instagram Post into an excel spreadsheet.

This is great if you are running a contest on Instagram and need to extract all the entries in the comment section. All you need to do is supply the URL link to the Instagram post.

I guess the folks at GoodStuph must be tired of manually extracting Instagram comments for their clients. (I swear I didn’t make them do such mundane stuff when they were my agency) This tool is great for all social media managers.
Instagram can be painful to use for companies. There’s not much open API available. Most social media management platform aren’t able to support Instagram fully. As far as I know, there is no 3rd party tool that can pull out all the comments from an Instagram account and reply directly. You can’t even schedule an Instagram post currently.
Please lah Facebook/Instagram, do something about your API.
Well, at least Spatulah help make it less painful when managing an Instagram account.

7-Eleven, Lazada and Ninja Van have launched a joint initiative to make delivery hassle-free for busy Singaporeans by enabling convenient parcel collection from 7-Eleven stores islandwide.

Online shopping once meant having ensure someone is home when the courier comes or delivered to office during working hours. With this new collaboration, shoppers on Lazada can choose any of the almost 350 participating 7-Eleven store islandwide as a collection point for their parcels via Ninja Van’s delivery service.
Users of this service will get to enjoy free delivery, as opposed to S$1.49 for normal and S$2.99 for express drop-off to their homes. Parcels must be under 80 cm consolidated total (width + height + length), and under 5KG. The new parcel collection service is now available to shoppers at 159 7-Eleven stores, with progressive rollout to all participating stores by the end of 2018.

Canon Singapore is organising a special event featuring Singapore’s prominent EOS World photographers who will share stories about how their gear changed the course of their career and took their pictures to the next level. Hear prominent EOS World photographers share their photography journey on various photography genres (travel, wedding, wildlife, extreme sports etc) while getting your hands on the new EOS R system.
27 OCT 2018
11am – EOS World Ceremony + Isaac Ong Sharing Session [Nature & Macro Photography]
12pm – Refreshment Break
1:30pm – Jensen Chua, EOS World Council Member [Travel Pixels Journey]
2:30pm – Daryl Yeo, professional photographer [Ultimate Adventure in Wildlife Photography]
3:30pm – Bernard Seah, photographer [Urban Wildlife]
4:30pm – Mark Teo, professional photographer [Photographing Extreme Sports in Singapore]
28 OCT 2018
3pm – Sean Seah, filmmaker [Video Production with the EOS R]
4pm – Brian Ho, professional photographer [Wedding In Film Photography – Is There A Place For This Old School Medium?]
5pm – Triston Yeo, professional photographer [Experience the Revolution – Understanding the EOS R System]
For more info about the event, visit here.
Slots are limited so register now. This event is open to EOS World Members only. To register as a member, visit Membership is free.