Got this during the BlackBerry Bold 9700 launch event. But unfortunately I do not have a BlackBerry and I didn’t win one during the lucky draw. (I think I’ve used up all my lucky draw luck for 2009) The pouch can fit other phone, but then, it would be kinda wasted. Most BlackBerry phone pouch has a magnet that will turn the BlackBerry phone to sleep mode when placed in the pouch. How I wish all phones come with this function.
So I’m giving this beautiful BlackBerry phone pouch to one of my blog reader. Condition: You must own a BlackBerry phone.
How to apply:
Just drop me an email me with the title: “Dee Kay Dot As Gee Giveaway: BlackBerry phone pouch”. Closing date is this next Monday, 21 Dec 2009, 2359. I will randomly select the winner via the usual method. Refer to the rules for more details.
Update: Closed

Good news to all the BlackBerry users in Singapore. The BlackBerry App World is finally available to local BlackBerry users. BlackBerry App World, for the uninitiated, is the official BlackBerry application store. It is currently available in more than 30 countries. The App World for Singapore and Indonesia was launched earlier this week.
Users can now download BlackBerry App World to their BlackBerry smartphone by visiting or from their handset.
Some of the apps available in the BlackBerry App World includes Facebook, Flickr and Windows Live Messenger. There are also some localized apps like iCabSG Dialer and Foyage.
Currently, only free apps are available for the Singapore App World. Do check out if you have a BlackBerry device.

As expected, Mindef has accepted all the recommendations by RECORD V. For me, I’m not really interested in the allowance increment. I’m more interested in the part that allows NSmen to bring laptops, PDAs and BlackBerry Smartphones to their in camp. (Note: There is no such thing as BlackBerries.) Three business centres will be fitted with wireless internet access, photocopiers, online telephony service Skype and fascimile facilities. Business centres, for the uninitiated, is a room with lots of computers for NSmen to use during off training hours. My reservist camp have one and that is where I go when I have internet withdrawal syndrome during ICT. (Kidding kidding)
But the news report fails to mention something that I was wondering since the recommendation. What about laptops with webcam? Are NSmen allowed to bring laptops with webcam? Thing is, most laptops nowadays have webcam. We all know that NSmen are not allowed to bring handphones with camera. So does the no camera rule applies to laptop too?
And the strangest thing about the recommendation is the inclusion of BlackBerry smartphone. BlackBerry isn’t a banned item in army camp. The reason why most BlackBerry aren’t allowed in army camp is because they have camera. If you have a BlackBerry without camera (which is quite rare), you can still bring it to reservist without any problems. So what does this recommendation means? Does it means that all BlackBerry Smartphones are allowed in army camp now, regardless with or without camera? Or is it still for BlackBerry Smartphone without camera? If its the latter, then there isn’t any changes at all since we can already bring a BlackBerry without camera for reservist.
Perhaps there is a need to define these fine details clearly. I really hope that the ruling is for all laptops and BlackBerry Smartphone, regardless with or without camera. In fact, I hope Mindef will consider unbanning phones with camera too.
Update: I missed the follow up article on this. Thanks to @peterteo for alerting me.
According to Mindef, NSmen must safe-keep their devices in the lockers provided and use them only within the compounds of the business centres. NSmen are allowed to bring laptops or BlackBerry Smartphones with camera to camp, but they must be kept at the business centre and can only be used inside the business centre.
Not the best solution in the world. But its a good start.

This is my first time reviewing a BlackBerry phone. After hearing so much about the BlackBerry Storm, I finally got my hands on the review unit. I will not touch on the BlackBerry features like push email since there are a lot of other better review on this award winning feature. Instead, I’ll be touching more on the form factor and user interface.
The Storm is RIM’s first full touch screen BlackBerry device. You still get all the great BlackBerry services like push email and BlackBerry Messenger. But instead of the usual non-touchscreen, Qwerty keyboard, you get a 3.25inch touchscreen. The device feel very sturdy. It feels like it can take quite a bit of punishment from the corporate world. Like throwing it at your bosses or hitting your co-workers on the head. But please don’t attempt to do that. I will not be responsible for any damages or lawsuit. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera and charging and data transfer is thru a Micro USB port which we all love.

DSC06080 DSC06079

The biggest difference between the BlackBerry Storm and all the other touchscreen devices out there is the tactile feedback. Touching on the BlackBerry Storm touchscreen will only select the item. The touchscreen is like a huge button where you need to press it to select the item. This is very difference from all the touchscreen we are used to. In fact, this feature is there to address the complaint that there is no feedback on touchscreen.
But here is the problem, we are all used to touchscreen without tactile feedback. It takes a while for you to get used to the tactile feedback. The tactile feedback is an interesting concept. It might be easier for someone to adapt to the tactile feedback touchscreen if they are not exposed to all the non tactile feedback touchscreen devices. For me, I’m too used to the usual touchscreen concept that I keep forgetting that I need to press the screen down to confirm my selection. If you are getting the BlackBerry Storm, you might need to un-learn how to use a touchscreen device since they don’t require you to push the screen down. And its a little hard to press the screen down at the bottom corner. Honestly, I don’t know what’s the big hoo-ha over touchscreen not having feedback. I personally feel that it is alright to have no feedback on touchscreen.
DSC06088 DSC06085

There is no physical keyboard on the BlackBerry Storm. Instead you get to choose between a full keyboard, SureType or MultiTap. You can use SureType on the BlackBerry Storm portrait mode is pretty useful since the screen is only 3.25 inch. But one problem with the virtual keyboard is that its hard to tell what button you are pressing. Most virtual keyboard shows the characters that you are pressing above or on the side of the area you are pressing. But for the BlackBerry bold, it highlight the character you are pressing. Problem is, if you finger is pressing that character, how are you going to see it?
Like all BlackBerry devices, the Storm comes with all the BlackBerry services like push emails and BlackBerry Messenger which needs no introductions. The BlackBerry Application Center also provides a good selection of application.
If you are looking for a touchscreen BlackBerry device, the BlackBerry Storm is currently your only option. If you are looking for a touchscreen with tactile feedback, the BlackBerry Storm is also your only option. The BlackBerry Storm is created to cater for this 2 group of users. But for those who don’t fall into this 2 category, RIM has many other great BlackBerry device to offer. I’ve tried my friend’s BlackBerry Bold and personally quite like it. BlackBerry has always been doing a great job with their physical keyboard, non touchscreen based phones. The tactile feedback touchscreen phone still need more fine tuning. Which is why I’m actually looking forward to see the rumored BlackBerry Storm 2. (provided the rumors are true)
In Short:
A great phone for those who need tactile feedback on their touchscreen or a touchscreen BlackBerry device.
Feels very sturdy
BlackBerry services
Tactile feedback touchscreen
Unable to see which character is being pressed on the virtual keyboard
Thanks to Jolin from LEWIS and RIM for sending the review unit.