I always wonder why didn’t Google put Chrome browser on Android OS by default. And the default browser on Android isn’t that fantastic. Most of the Android users I know are using alternative browser on their Android device.
Well, I guess all these will change soon. Google just announced Chrome browser for Android devices. OK, it is still in Beta. It is only available for devices running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). AND only selected countries get it. Sadly, Singapore is not one of them. But don’t worry, you can always download the .apk file if your device is running Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Chrome browser on Android looks great. I like the tab interface. Let’s you easily see the items on the tab and scroll between tabs quickly. You can also access the tabs you left open on your computer’s chrome browser if you are logged in. This is great for continuing your surfing when going for lunch break.

Do try out the Chrome for Android if you are one of those lucky people with Ice Cream Sandwich running on your Android device. Let’s hope Google release Chrome for older version of Android.

I think Google will most likely ditch the old default browser on Android and put Chrome on future Android release.
By the way, check out this cool Android Chrome Easter Egg.

If you use Google to search for things like “browser”, you won’t see Chrome download page in the first few pages. That is because Google is penalizing Chrome for using paid sponsored post. This is against Google’s guidelines against paid links.

It appears that Google Chrome team has engaged a company called Essence Digital which uses a company called Unruly to implement the campaign. According to Essence Digital, Google never approved a sponsored-post campaign. They only agreed to buy online video ads. It is Unruly that encouraged bloggers to create what appeared to be paid posts. But Unruly claims that they never require bloggers to link to back to advertiser’s site because they are in the business of video advertising not search engine marketing.
Oh well. It is kinda stupid for the Chrome team to do this campaign. They could have use PR to get influential bloggers and journalist to cover stories about them. It will be much more effective than sponsored post. And why the Google Chrome team uses Essence Digital and Unruly instead of Google’s own Video Ads network?
But kudos to Google for taking action against their own division. Google has since manually changed Chrome’s pagerank to 0 for at least 60 days. That’s the lowest possible pagerank score. It is still unsure how this will affect Chrome’s market share for the next few months. Hope it doesn’t affect much. I love Google Chrome. I’ve switched completely to Chrome both at home and office. Still feel that it is the best browser around.
I think it is going to be awkward when the Chrome team bumps into the Search team at the cafeteria.

After conquering almost all the mobile platforms, Rovio Mobile recently announced Angry Birds for Chrome web browser. The game uses WebGL or Canvas and will be distributed through the Chrome Web Store for use with Google’s Chrome web browser. (And most likely Chrome OS when it is released)

You can run Angry Birds on any WebGL- or Canvas-enabled browser (Safari and FireFox shouldn’t have any problems). But when played on Chrome, it will feature exclusive content, such as exclusive levels. You need to find the Chrome logo (just like the Golden Eggs) to unlock these levels in the Chrome Dimension.

So far, I only managed to find 3 by myself. There are supposed to be 7 of them if I’m not wrong. Oh well, I guess you can Google to find the rest of them.

Have fun playing. Hope your productivity in office don’t drop because of this. Hmmmm….. I wonder how many company will blog this website from now on?
Warning: Spoiler ahead. Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to know the location of the 3 Chrome egg/bomb/logo/whatever you call them.
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