It’s interesting to note that there’s even rumors on when Apple send out their event invite. And they are quite accurate. Apple really send out an event invite yesterday just like what the rumors said. The event is on 7 March 2012, 10am. (8 March, 2am Singapore time)

We can be sure that Apple will be announcing the next iPad which is rumored to be called iPad 3. The iPad 3 will most likely have faster processor, better camera and better display compared to the iPad 2. If you notice the event invite, the iPad’s screen looks extra sharp. The form factor will most likely be the same. It will most likely still be 9.7 inch screen.
But one very interesting thing from the invite image is that there is no home button on the iPad. OK, maybe the iPad is on landscape mode. But it could also be a hint that the new iPad will not have a home button. This is totally possible since the Multitasking Gestures on iOS 5 are able to replace the home button. Using 4 to 5 fingers, you can pinch an app to return to the home screen and swipe up reveal multitasking bar. The only thing that the Multitasking Gestures can’t replace is the shortcut for taking screenshot.
There’s also rumors that Apple will unveil the new Apple TV. Well, like all rumor mill story, take this with a pinch of salt.

Here’s a Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone street challenge by Samsung USA.

There’s lots of debate about how this challenge is bias towards the Galaxy Note. I agree. Plus the girl should just go to the App Store. There’s tons of free apps that can help her. Although honestly speaking, I would never be interested in superimposing my photo on another person using my phone.
To crop your head and superimpose on another photo, use this app call PhotoChop (Free).
To draw on a map, go Google map to screenshot the map. Then use this app call DoodleBuddy (Free) to draw on it.
To edit PowerPoint Slide, just use applications like Keynote ($9.99), QuickOffice ($19.99) or Documents To Go ($16.99). OK, I can’t find any free apps that can edit PowerPoint slides. So I guess Galaxy Note win this round.
These are just some of the apps I know. I’m pretty sure there are a lot more out there in the iOS App Store. I’ve no idea where they found that lady. It seems like she is just using the iPhone for the basic functions. Maybe they should find someone who knows how to use the iPhone in their next challenge.

It seems like Microsoft might be launching their popular MS Office for iPad in a few weeks time. The Daily recently published a photograph of the software running on an iPad.

A Microsoft spokesperson said the screen shot accompanying The Daily’s story is not a picture of a real Microsoft software product. But the spokesperson also said Microsoft is declining to comment as to whether or not the company has developed a version of Office for the iPad and/or when such a product may come to market.
Perhaps the screen shot is on a demo version and the final version will look slightly different? Haha. We will find out in a couple of weeks time. Since this entry is tagged as “Rumor Mill”, you should take it with a pinch of salt.

The guy in the video is a Taiwanese comedian and impersonator Ah-Ken. He is promoting an Android tablet call Action Pad by Action Electronics Co.

I wonder if Apple will take legal action against the Taiwanese company. Apple is known to send cease and desist letters to companies making Steve Job toys. But they might not have a case here. We’ll see.

I don’t know about you, but I find it quite distasteful.