Here is another interesting project on Kickstarter. A iPhone 4/4S harness that strap your iPhone close to your chest to capture your Personal Point Of View on video. It’s call the Miveu.

The Miveu is not just a iPhone strap. It also has a wide angle len so that you can capture broader perspective. The iPhone is protected in a ruggedized case. Miveu is not waterproof by itself. But the makers will include three protective water resistant skins for wet conditions.

Compare this with other POV camera like GoPro, the Miveu is a lot cheaper if you already have a iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. And since it is recorded on your iPhone, you can straight away edit the video and share it on your social network after recording.
The Miveu is great for recording your POV when doing sports like cycling or skateboarding. Or when you are on a roller coaster or Go Karting. You can even hold a fake gun infront of the Miveu and do a First Person Shooter video.
And for those who want to live stream your daily life, Miveu is a great solution.

OK, you might look a little silly when wearing the Miveu. But the POV videos you can get from the Miveu will make it all worthwhile.

The Miveu is currently on Kickstarter. Pledge $70 (plus $35 for international shipping) and you will get a Miveu if the funding is successful.

UOB launched their Mobile Banking App last month on the iOS App Store.

For a start, the UOB Mobile Banking App allows customers to easily check the interest rate for Deposit, Foreign Exchange, Gold & Silver prices and Unit Trust. There is also a Currency Converter, Home Equity Finance Calculator, Interest Free Installment Loan Calculator and a Financial Goal Calculator.

My favorite feature on the UOB Mobile Banking App is the UOB Credit Card Promotion locator. Pretty useful for a UOB Credit Card holder. It can locate the latest promotion and nearby promotion. You can also search for promotion by keywords or category.
Besides locating UOB Credit Card Promotion, the app can also help you locate the nearest UOB ATM and Branch. You can view the nearby UOB ATM or Branch in a list, map or Augmented Reality (AR). OK, AR is pretty cool but honestly, it’s just a fancy gimmick. Good for showing off to friends when demonstrating the mobile app. But in reality, I still prefer to use the good old traditional map view to locate the nearest UOB ATM or Branch.

The most important feature on the UOB Mobile Banking App is the Online Banking portion. The Mobile App’s Online Banking portion works just as well as the Online Banking on UOB’s website. You can easily check your account balance, including your Credit Card account. You can also easily transfer funds or pay bills from the comfort of your iPhone (or iPad). This is very convenient for people like me who always forget to pay my bills until the very last minute. But like the normal internet banking, you need to add and authorize Bill Payee or Funds Transfer Payee first before you can perform these function.

One thing that sets the UOB Mobile Banking App apart from the other Mobile Banking App is the Mobile Cash feature. Mobile Cash allows you to transfer cash to anyone with a mobile phone. The recipient will get a SMS instruction on how to withdraw the money at any UOB ATM machine. Pretty neat feature. Useful if you need to transfer money to someone urgently. Actually, this feature deserves a separate blog entry by itself. I’ll blog about the Mobile Cash feature in detail soon.
As a whole, the UOB Mobile Banking App is a must have for all UOB customers who owns a iPhone. Pretty convenient now that you can do all the internet banking stuff on your iPhone. The only thing I hate about the App is the irritating animation when switching from one screen to another. Not really a big deal but I hope they’ll change it in the future updates.
Oh, and I heard that they are working on the Android version.

I always tell people that the first app that they should install on their iPad is the Flipboard. It’s an amazing app that format your Facebook, Twitter timeline and RSS feed in a beautiful magazine like format.
Well, Flipboard is now on the iPhone. Woohoo!

Initially I thought the Flipboard experience on iPhone won’t be as good as on the iPad. But I was wrong. It is just as good. The folks at Flipboard did a good job in formatting the content nicely into a 3.5 inch screen.

If you love Flipboard on iPad, you are going to love the iPhone app too.

The biggest difference between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S in terms of software is Siri. Some were saying that Siri requires a lot of processing power which only the iPhone 4S A5 processor can provide. But someone managed to hack Siri into iPhone 4 and it runs perfectly.

In order to hack Siri into iPhone 4, you will need to Jailbreak it first. Personally, I’m not a fan of Jailbreaking. Still prefer the official route.
Not sure what is Apple’s plans for Siri on iPhone 4 (and iPad 2). It seems like the hardware is able to run Siri without any problems. Maybe Apple wants to make Siri exclusive to iPhone 4S so that more people will buy it. Or maybe because Apple don’t want to overload their server by opening up to existing iPhone 4 and iPad 2 users now. Afterall, Siri is still in beta.
We shall wait and see. There’s rumors that Apple is testing Siri on iPhone 4. But then, like all Apple rumors, take it with a pinch of salt.

Remember the SBS Transit IRIS iPhone App? They just rolled out a new update recently and here’s the description.

Enable advertisement feature? Seriously, why would anyone want to update their app for this “feature”?
I can understand if a 3rd party developer put advertisement to earn money. But this App is by SBS Transit to inform their customers of the bus arrival time. Like that also want to put advertisement? The recent fare hike not enough meh?
By the way, this picture was stolen from mrbrown. I don’t know why he still using this App. I deleted it after a few weeks.

I know it’s call a Smart Cover. But I didn’t know that it is so smart until it can help you break into a password locked iPad 2. Apparently, there is a security flaw with the latest iOS 5 update which allows anyone to easily bypass the iPad 2 password easily with a Smart Cover. (Or any cover with magnets)
How to re-create it:
1) Lock a password protected iPad 2
2) Hold down power button until iPad 2 reaches turn off slider
3) Close Smart Cover
4) Open Smart Cover
5) Click cancel on the bottom of the screen

The good thing about this is that you can only access the last opened Apps. And if you are on the home screen before you lock your iPad 2, then whoever bypass the password using this method can only see what kind of apps you have on your iPad.
It’s not a very major flaw. Apple will definitely fix this bug soon in the next update. In the meantime, if you have anything confidential, just make sure you exit that app before locking your iPad 2. Or disable Smart Cover unlocking.
PS: This is not the first time Apple have such security flaw on their iOS. Previously there is a flaw which allows people to bypass iPhone password via the emergency call.