Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4S. As the name suggest, it’s not a huge leap from the current iPhone 4 (subjective).

Actually, there’s no surprise in the announcement. Most of the things have been leaked previously. The iPhone 4S will have a A5 processor chip which is 2 times faster than the current iPhone 4. And dual core graphics which are said to be 7 times faster. This is good news for game developers.
iPhone 4S will come with improved antennas which allows it to intelligently switch between the 2 antennas between transmit and receive. I guess this is to address the antennagate issue. The new iPhone 4S will now support data download speed of up to 14.4Mbps (up from the 7.2 Mbps from iPhone 4).
The camera on the iPhone 4S is awesome. It’s a 8 megapixel (3264 x 2448) camera with back illuminated CMOS which allows 73% more light. There’s a IR filter for better colour accuracy. The camera has a f/2.4 aperture. And it’s 33% quicker to snap a photo. Starting up the camera is pretty fast too. It takes 1.1 seconds to take the first photo and 1/2 second for the second photo.
Apple is really focusing a lot on the camera. There’s a new image signal processor designed by Apple which enable face detection and 26% better white balance.
Video recording on the iPhone 4S is impressive too. You get 1080p HD video recording with video image stabilization and temporal noise reduction.
Another interesting feature on the iPhone 4S is Siri. Siri is a intelligent voice recognition assistant. You can ask him things like “What is the weather like today?” using speech and it will give you the correct answer. Alternatively, you can also ask “Do I need a raincoat today?” and Siri will respond accordingly based on the weather. Impressive. You can also get Siri to do more complicated stuff like finding a restaurant nearby, setting an alarm clock or ask for directions. Siri can also read your SMS messages for you. Siri gets better as you use it more often.
Not sure how well Siri will work with Singapore accent and local addresses. We will find out soon.
Personally, I think the best part of the announcement is that iPhone 4S will have the same form factor as the iPhone 4. This means that all the 3rd party accessories for iPhone 4 can be used on the new iPhone 4S. Existing iPhone 4 users will still get new 3rd party accessories which are suitable for their phone for at least a year.
The iPhone 4S will be launched in US on 14 Oct 2011.
And here comes the most important part. When will Singapore be getting the new iPhone 4S. Surprisingly, the date was announced during the keynote. Singapore is the 2nd batch of countries that is getting the new iPhone (as usual). iPhone 4S will be launched in Singapore on 28 Oct 2011. It is interesting to note that we are the 2nd Asian country to get the iPhone 4S. (Japan is getting the iPhone 4S on 14 Oct)

Oh, by the way, iPhone 4S comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB version and will be available in Black and White.

OK, in an hour time, Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook will unveil the next iPhone. We still don’t know if it will be called iPhone 4S or iPhone 5.

By the way, since Tim Cook is presenting this keynote, can we call it Timnotes instead of Stevenotes? Haha.
There won’t be any official live video streaming. Not sure if any of the attendees will be able to sneak live video out. But most of the time, those live video steaming won’t be very stable. Your best bet is the live blogs. Here’s some of the live blogs that I’ve found.
Gizmodo (Meta Blog)
OK, I’m not going to bore you with all the new iPhone rumors. I’m sure you have heard enough of them.
But I only got 1 wish for the next iPhone. Please keep the same form factor as iPhone 4. So that the existing iPhone 4 users will still get all the new 3rd party accessories.

This may be shocking to those who are concern about their privacy. Your iPhone actually remembers where you have been. 2 researchers found a log file in the iPhone that keep track of the location of the iPhone.
If you have a MacOS machine, go download their application and see the information in the log file.

Here’s the worrying part. Apple didn’t notify the users that it is collecting these data. It is still unsure what Apple is doing with these data. We can’t even confirm if Apple actually retrieve these data. And these data are stored on your computer unencrypted. Which means anyone who has your computer can retrieve these files and find your location. The file is also stored in your iPhone, which mean anyone who found your iPhone will also know where you have been.
And for those who jailbreak their iPhone and didn’t secure it properly, there is a chance that hackers might be able to retrieve that file from your iPhone.
Now wait a minute. Before you start worrying and throw your iPhone away, let me just say that the location aren’t very accurate. It seems like the log file is recording the location of the cell tower that your phone is connected. Not your exact GPS location. Which means it can be a few hundred metres away from your real location.
The log file cannot pin-point your exact location. But it can reveal your rough location at a given time and also your travel pattern.
Personally, I don’t really care much about this since I have my Google Latitude turned on 24/7 with History enabled. Latitude have a more accurate record of my location. Oh… and not forgetting Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter.
But I guess there is a need for Apple to explain the need for this log file. Some people speculate that Apple is using this to collect cell tower triangulation info so that Apple can provide a better GPS location. I’m actually perfectly fine with that. But I wish Apple would inform us. And it also makes no sense to store the data forever on the iPhone unencrypted.

We have been waiting for this day since iOS 4.0 was launched. Yes, Skype for iPhone finally allows video calling. Available for iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4th Gen with iOS 4.0 and above. Devices without camera can still see the video from the other party.
You can do a iPhone to iPhone or a iPhone to Desktop video calling with the latest Skype application on iPhone. And unlike Face Time, you can use it on either 3G or WIFI. Yes, video calling on 3G.
There were some reports about drop calls using 3G video calling. I guess the technology isn’t mature enough. You’ll need a faster data connection for a good 3G video calling. But hey, it’s pretty good already. And it only gets better when LTE rolls out.

I tried doing a Skype video call with TechieLobang. He is on a desktop with WIFI while I’m on iPhone with 3G. The video quality is pretty alright. You can choose to use either the front facing camera or the back camera. It works for both landscape and portrait. (works upside down too!) Personally, I think landscape mode looks better.

And hey, it seems like my Glif is here just in time for the Skype video calling. Imagine propping my iPhone 4 with Glif and using it for Skype video calling. Coolness.
Next step for Skype is to launch video calling to Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry and Symbian. Can’t wait for that. I think 2011 is going to be a pretty interesting year for Skype.
Is it me or is this the death of Face Time? Who uses Face Time anyway? I’ve only tested it once and never found another chance to use it again.

We heard rumors that is doing a iPhone App for almost a year. Well, it’s finally official. has submitted their iPhone App to Apple App store for approval. Check out this short demo video.

Some of you might be wonder why the need for a native iPhone App when the mobile site is already doing a good job. Well, the loading time for native App definitely beats the mobile site. You have less things to load. You don’t need waste time and bandwidth to load the interface. The interface is already on the App itself. And you can do lots of fancy stuff on the native App that a mobile website can’t. And most importantly, branding. Having your application on Apple App store’s top 25 downloaded application is a good form of advertising for your company.
Good job team! Looking forward to seeing it on the Apple App store soon. I guess there shouldn’t be any problem getting approval.
And the next big question now is……. When will you guys be releasing Android version? And BlackBerry, Symbian, MeeGo, Bada, Windows Phone 7 etc etc etc….. You get my point. 🙂

This came as a surprise. Apple increase the iPhone 3G download cap to 20mb recently. It is good that Apple decided to increase the cap. But honestly, I think the cap is crap and we should be allow to download any file size we want on 3G. We paid for the data and the phone, so why can’t we use it the way we want?

If you remember, I blogged about th iPhone 10mb 3G download cap previously and mentioned how stupid it was.